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Paraquat Exposure and Parkinson’s Disease

Paraquat exposure is making news in the recent past. In fact, paraquat is considered as something toxic. Therefore, you should be mindful about exposure to this herbicide. Long-term exposure to paraquat can lead you to numerous health conditions. One of the most prominent health conditions that you can get would be Parkinson’s Disease. It is risking the lives of thousands of innocent people all around the world.

Paraquat exposure lawsuits

You can find over a dozen lawsuits in the United States with related to paraquat exposure. If you or one of your loved ones is affected with paraquat exposure, you may also go ahead and raise a paraquat lawsuit. The paraquat exposure lawsuit will help you to find justice that you are looking forward to getting. On top of that, these lawsuits would be an eye-opener, which will restrict the future use of paraquat as well.

What exactly is paraquat?

Before taking a look at the question on what is paraquat lawsuit, you need to figure out what paraquat is all about. Paraquat is an herbicide, which people started using during the 1950s. People started using it commercially during the 1961. This is a highly toxic herbicide. It is attacking the cells of the plant directly to the core. In other words, paraquat attacks mitochondria of the plant. Hence, you will be able to use paraquat and ensure that plants die immediately.

As of now, paraquat is one of the most common herbicides that people all around the world use. However, it is also important to keep in mind that paraquat is quite dangerous to human beings. Yet, people still prefer to use paraquat because it can effectively kill all sorts of vegetation, which range from plants to trees. On the other hand, paraquat can deliver the best results when you spray it on hot sunlight.

How does paraquat exposure lead you to Parkinson’s disease?

Long term exposure of you to paraquat can lead you to Parkinson’s disease. It is true that Parkinson’s disease is linked with a large number of other generic factors. However, recent studies have shown that paraquat exposure can significantly increase the overall risk of someone ending up with the disease. This fact is proven from numerous studies conducted in the past.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative and a debilitating disorder, which has the potential to create an impact on speech, motor skills, and cognition. On top of that, it can also create a major impact on the day to day activities of a person including sleep. If you noticed that one of your loved ones is going through all these struggles, you need to make sure that you take all responsible individuals accountable. That’s where a paraquat herbicide lawsuit can help you.

How to raise a paraquat lawsuit

In case if you or one of your loved ones is affected with paraquat exposure, and struggling with Parkinson’s disease as of now, you will need to join people who are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of paraquat. There are few leading manufacturers of paraquat out there. Monsanto is a perfect example for such a company. This company has been accused by a large number of Parkinson’s patients out there as well.

Continuous studies prove that paraquat exposure is leading people to Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you raise your voice, so that you can get a reasonable compensation for your loss at the end of the day. This would eventually increase the total number of disputes raised against the paraquat manufacturers. As a result, we can force them to come up with some healthier herbicides, instead of paraquat.

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