Excuse me guys, but I need to clarify my opening statement to start with: O.M.G. I have found possibly the best resource for Hermes replica bags. Now, before we get into the specific details I want to inform you that Hermes is one of the most popular counterfeit goods people targets.

Because it’s costly and pulls a deal on the majority of individuals’ budgets. I mean if you ask me, you can get about 10 to 15 Hermes Replica bags at the sticker price of 1 Hermes – that is extraordinarily expensive, especially when taking into account that Louis Vuitton is a proven luxury brand in its own right.

What makes Hermes lead other brands in the leather industry? I agree that it’s the factory’s attention to leather quality as well as the unhindered perfection of Hermes-baggers that earn it credit. I guess that is what impresses me the most all time.

I have known about Hermes for many years, but I’ve never before wanted to purchase one of their handbags.

I already know that Hermes Barkin replica purses come in varying price ranges, with their prices usually ranging more than $100.1 Another reason why I’ve been hesitant to buy an authentic Hermès purse is due to high investment demands.

I decided to buy myself a 25cm Birkin (I adore the smaller Hermès items) as a present to myself, which came from an email newsletter. I just purchased this bag less than three months ago, after setting aside a portion of my earnings for summer splurges (I picked up about half of 5 new bags at that sale).


The site for this company’s replica Birkin bag indicates that it will only produce 50 bags each month because they use Hermes’ original hand-sewn method to create the bags, so it was nice to see how much extra attention they showcase towards the process of creating the bags and how smooth the end product was.

I purchased my bag in a natural tan color with gold hardware, and bright thread contrasted in white. The leather on the bag resembles it is imported to Europe.

I can show you through the pictures of the state-of-the-art handbag I have taken a few days ago the unique touch and high-quality texture. The piece of hardware also features top-of-the-line workmanship – it is not made with gold, but in fact, it is anodized, which is sufficient to suffice.

I’ve compared a bag of mine to my buddy Michelle’s authentic Birkin (she even has a genuine big Hermès collection – lucky gal), and the differences between them aren’t discernible to the naked eye. Here are pictures of my bag (you must swoon):


I also went on 1st Dibs to look about Hermes and found a similar fabric design to the same shade as my Birkin and was sewn much more carefully than mine. I found this shocking because the bag will go for $16,606 on 1st Dibs and I paid $1400 for mine Birkin 25 which is what’s considered to be 1/10 of its price.

Understandably, authentication guides highlight the stitching discrepancies of their fake Hermes Birkin bags, but I recognize how the manufacturing standards for the true originals uphold perfect straight stitching. I will compare my bag side by side with a phony one in a side-by-side comparison shortly.


We can finally come to this you can buy a replica Birkin bag. But you have to know where to get it. Dreampurses make it easy for you as they review all kind of replica bags.  It can save you money. You will get the original feel from it and it is very cheap also.

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