Planning a Funeral: Understanding The Laws That Protect You From Shady Funeral Homes

Funeral directors are most often highly trained and caring people that want to make this time of your life easier. Unfortunately, there are shady funeral homes that don’t follow the rules and regulations that they are supposed to. 

When that occurs, you spend more than you should, and they take advantage of people who don’t know they have rights. 

Please continue reading to see where you can find caskets for sale near me and find out what to avoid with funeral homes.

You Need To Know The Rules

There is a rule in regards to funerals that will help you. It is a federal law that covers funeral directors. It will give you the right to buy the funeral goods and services you need, but only those. You have the right to buy separate items online. That includes things like the casket that you want. You don’t have to buy it at the funeral home. If you decide to buy a casket from another source, they do not have the right to charge you additional fees. You do not have to accept any item or funeral package that you don’t want, and you have the right not to be lied to, misrepresented, or have the law misrepresented to you.

One meaningful way this law helps you is that it lets you know when you search for caskets for sale and find one online, they cannot refuse that option. They also have no right to restrict it or how and when it is delivered. The only fee that they can charge is a non-declinable basic fee. That is a one-time fee and only applies to required goods or services. Nothing more. 

Buying Caskets For Sale Online Saves You Money

Funeral homes charge you up to eighty percent more for your casket than you need to pay. When you need caskets for sale at a price you can afford, go online. As stated above, the funeral home cannot reject it or put restrictions on you. However, if they do, you have the right to know that there are ways you can fight back. Filing a complaint to the state’s funeral agency or board will be your first step. Trusted sites where you bought your casket online are also willing to do so on your behalf. The only states that don’t have this board are Hawaii and Colorado.

In many cases, they will offer a refund, reduction in costs, or the funeral home will pay a fine. In extreme cases, the funeral director can lose their license. Bear in mind; however, this is for the worst type of negligence or misconduct. 

Knowing What You’re Entitled To Means, You Stay Protected

No one likes being scammed, and it is something that should never happen. Especially not when you’re grieving and trying to care for your family and the deceased loved one. Knowing this rule ensures that you will stay safe, and you can fight back if your funeral home isn’t upholding the law the way it should. Never get pulled into something you don’t feel comfortable with, and remember, you don’t have to listen to lies during this difficult time. 

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