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Some people spend a lot of money and time on games. Read full details about how to Play Games and Earn Money in 2021 completely free.


Now a day most of us play games whether it’s a computer or mobile game. Some people spend a lot of money and time on games. But what if we play games and also earn a little bit of money.

Yes, there are some websites and apps that pay money for playing games. Not all of them are legit, but some are, and we will talk about those here.

Here are five apps that will pay money for playing games.


Swagbucks is a place where you can play games and earn some extra money. It does not pay you for just playing and winning the games. It pays for the in-game purchase you make. Whenever you play games via a Swagbucks account and make some in-game purchases, you earn some SB points. 

The SB later can be turned into cash or Gift Cards. If you want cash, you can use PayPal, and for gift cards, there is Amazon, Walmart, and Zalando. 

In Swagbucks, you can also do surveys, watch videos, and discover offers. These things also give you a fair amount of SB points.

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This is available for pc and mobile; for pc users, they can use the website, and mobile users can use the app version.


For Android users, it is a great app to get some Gift cards. It is only available for android, and you can do only one thing, which is playing mobile games. 

In Mistplay, you earn points by spending time in the games. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. It gives points that are known as units. 

You will get 200 units as a bonus in sign-up, but it may vary by time and upgrade. You also have to install the games through the Mistplay app and open it through that too. There are various types of games, and the amount of unit you will get will vary for each game.

Four hundred units are the minimum requirement to get a gift card. The gift cards you can get are Amazon, eBay, VISA, Google Play, Xbox, GameStop, PlayStation, iTunes, Starbucks, and Nintendo.

 Money App

This app is only for Android and IOS. You can play games to earn money in this. But in this app, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill to earn credits. You will be told to reach level 5 or 16 in a game to earn credit. Again the amount of credits varies for different games.

 Here, points are called credits that will be transferred into cash. You can use your PayPal account to get the money.

Money app also has other things like surveys, giving opinions, watching videos, giving ratings, and other things that are easy to do. Except playing, you can earn with these things too.

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Inboxdollars is another platform where you can earn money by playing games. Some browser-based games will show you ads from which you will earn. There are other games where you will get a certain percentage of cash back if you make any in-game purchase.

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Like other apps and websites, this one does not give you any points for your tasks; instead, it shows you how much you have earned. If you meet the minimum requirement to redeem your money, you can redeem through PayPal, check, and ePayment.

 Inboxdollars also have other options to earn money, and that are taking surveys, watching videos, getting cashback for online shopping, and paid emails.

 Long Game

In the end, we have the Long Game app. It’s available for Android and IOS.

Long Game is a bit different than the others we have told till now. You can also earn money by playing games on this app. But here, you don’t just create a normal account; you create a saving account. You have to give personal information but don’t worry; your information will be protected because FDIC ensures the app.

Here you earn coins whenever you deposit money, and you use those coins to play games. Don’t worry; your money is not going to be used to play games. You use coins to play games, and in return, you win more coins, sometimes money, and sometimes cryptocurrency.

If you win money that will be deposit into your savings account, and for cryptocurrency, you can transform it into cash.

Here you can also apply for a debit card, and it also gives you coins for making any purchase using a debit card. Long Game also gives other many facilities.

Some final words

These apps will help you earn some extra money, but they are not going to pay that much that you can use these as your full-time work. As mentioned before, some of them have other tasks besides games, which will give you an okay amount of points. So, do those too if you can. You can always visit “Write for Us Casino Posts” to write quality content.


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