Professional Things to Care When Decorating the Kitchen

Every year, the kitchen has been gaining prominence in homes. Today, this space, which was previously seen as a place for household chores, has become a place for interaction and leisure. Thus, it is common that one of the current concerns of those who are setting up their house is to have a room that meets their needs, creating a space where it is possible to cook in a pleasant way and receive friends.

So, if you are looking to decorate your kitchen with personality and still obtain an extremely practical and comfortable environment, we have separated some important and practical tips to help you in this mission.

Check out below how not to go wrong in the kitchen decor:

1. Closets are never too many

For large, medium or small kitchens, an essential item is cabinets: they can be made to measure, adapting well to the available space. These devices are still extremely useful for storing utensils and food. The main tip, especially for small kitchens, is to select the necessary equipment taking into account the size of the space and provides a detailed project with bespoke cabinets.

2. Tiles are more than coverings

Putting attractive coverings between the lower and upper countertops or behind the stove is something that brings personality to the kitchen and makes the environment charming. But, in addition to guaranteeing a unique decoration, the tile also protects the wall from grease and other substances that can spill, being an easy-to-maintain surface.

Another option is hydraulic tiles, which are more rustic, lackluster pieces made from cement and dyes. In these cases, if placed close to the stove, it is necessary to apply a waterproofing agent.

3. Hood or debugger?

Regardless of the choice between hood or scrubber, it is important, first of all, to know that both are essential for a kitchen: they prevent the smoke and odors produced by food from spreading throughout the house.

But which one to choose? The hood (which is available in wall or island versions) has a chimney, unlike the scrubber. There are many best kitchen chimney brands in India which are more suitable for small kitchens.

4. Proper lighting makes a difference

Just like in any environment, lighting is one of the key points in the kitchen. In particular, try to light well the places that are used a lot during food preparation, such as on the countertop and on top of the stove.

5. Light colors are wildcards

If you don’t want to run the risk of making a mistake when choosing colors in the composition of the kitchen, light tones are the “safer” in this regard: they “enlarge” the space and, because they are neutral, allow you to dare with colorful utensils.

6. But you can dare in colors, yes!

But colors are also welcome in this type of environment and it all depends on the personality you intend to give the place. Among the shades we recommend, orange is a color that stimulates the appetite.

7. Use the walls to your advantage

If the kitchen is not very big, a valuable tip is to have the walls as allies. In addition to cabinets, niches, shelves and towers with built-in equipment are some of the best ways to take advantage of these spaces”, say the professionals.

8. How about taking advantage of the roof too?

For those who really want to make the most of all the spaces available in the kitchen, even the ceiling can help in this mission: it is possible to hang “clothes” and shelves to place pans, mugs and spatulas, for example.

9. The enchantment of 3D coating

There are several options for 3D coatings on the market, for all tastes. So, if you are looking to give your kitchen a modern and elegant touch, this type of material is a good option, as it is also easy to apply.

10. Attention to the positioning of home appliances

Even in small spaces, try to position the refrigerator away from the stove. During food preparation, the dirt that spills from pans can reach the fridge, dirtying its surface. There is also the danger of the appliance door hitting the handle of a pan, causing an accident.

11. Expose the pans

Pans, today, in addition to being extremely useful in food production, are still marketed with unique models, becoming decorative pieces. Therefore, do not hesitate to display them in the kitchen: they make the decor even more relaxed and the environment more practical.

12. Invest in utensils

Creative utensils or stylish prints are available in the market with prices to suit all budgets. Therefore, they become great options to make the environment even more charming.

13. The floor gives the special touch

Flooring can make all the difference in the environment: in addition to being sold in various colors and textures, they are important pieces for kitchen maintenance. Among the details that need attention is the floor, which must be easy to clean”, explain the designers.

14. Invest in the organization

The organization and good distribution of objects in the kitchen are essential for it to become a user-friendly environment.

15. Create a space for quick meals

In the rush of everyday life, it is not always possible to stop to “set” the table. Therefore, it is important to have a place for quick meals, such as a small bench with benches.

16. Separation gives a special touch to the environment

In most apartments, it is common for the kitchen to share the same space with the laundry room. A charming option to divide the two rooms is the separation: pieces sold in various formats and colors with leaks that allow air circulation between the rooms.

17. Exposed seasonings

In addition to exposing the pans, another way to make the kitchen even more practical and with a clean air is to expose the seasonings. For this, use shelves, niches or even shelves.

18. Current trends

For those who like to follow the trends of the moment, the industrial style is what is on the rise. Two options for this type of environment are floors that resemble cement and lots of wood.

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