Pros and Cons of Playing a College Sport

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In whatever stage of life you are in, playing a sport can have so many benefits and disadvantages. It’s important for people to feel as though they are a part of something bigger than themselves. That can come in many different forms, but lots of people have discovered that they are able to do that through something as simple as getting involved with a sport. Some may only play that sport for a short while and go on to do different things. Some people may stick with their sport and continue on and make it to college sports. Here are a few areas with some pros and cons when it comes to playing college sports: financial support, sleeping habits, injuries, the need to maintain academics, and pride.

Financial Support

There are scholarships offered to certain people for sports, but it’s not offered to all of them. You may play a sport and be offered a different scholarship amount than another person. It may be less, it may be more. You can’t fully depend on financial support when shooting to play a sport in college but it’s definitely an option. It can be frustrating to learn that some students will be offered full ride scholarships and others may only be offered enough to cover small costs such as books. Unfortunately that is how the financial support is when going to college one way or another.

Sleeping Habits

Your sleeping habits will either be amazing or terrible. But either way, you will come to understand that sleep is vital. It is crucial that you get that sleep that is needed. Obviously it’s not a negative thing to get plenty of sleep, but some people may see that as a con because then they might miss out on certain activities and experiences through college that they normally wouldn’t get to indulge in. Playing college sports will make you very aware that sleep is crucial. Some may ignore it and pay the consequences. Some may abide by it but miss out on experiences.


It goes without saying that there will most likely be an injury or two while playing a college sport. The negative to getting an injury during a sporting event is obvious. You will end up not being able to play the event for a certain amount of time and an injury is just painful. Luckily there is a benefit in terms of receiving medical attention. Idaho Falls Physical Therapy is a great place to turn to in the event of an injury occurring during a sporting event.

The Need to Maintain Academics

Some may see the need to maintain their academics as a negative, when in reality there is so much to gain from being forced to maintain good grades throughout your college experience. It will likely keep you exactly where you need to be to graduate with pride.


Speaking of pride, having the opportunity to play a college sport can help boost your confidence and pride in yourself. All in all, there are some pretty healthy benefits to playing on a college sports team.

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