Rae Lil Black – Rae Lil Black’s Parents Were Murdered by the Yakuza

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Rae Lil Black, known for her Twitch streaming and social media personality status, lost both parents to the Yakuza, a Japanese organized crime syndicate when she was only eight years old.

Rae Lil black parents murdered in Osaka, Japan. As a result of this tragic event, she was adopted by Joseph Peter Cooper and Alice Mary Cooper; receiving excellent care from them and ultimately graduating from Pepperdine University with an Undergraduate Degree.


The Yakuza is an organized crime group in Japan which has existed for more than 300 years. Their activities range from prostitution and gun smuggling to gambling, blackmail and extortion; they even control an important portion of Japan’s construction industry.

The Yakuza is known for their thick and ornate tattoos as well as their fearlessness. Furthermore, they’re renowned for their loyalty towards their bosses and strict code of ethics – if someone commits an offense they’ll chop off one finger as an act of contrition to present to their leader as proof.

Rae Cooper lost both her parents to the yakuza when she was only eight. Joseph Peter Cooper and Alice Mary Cooper took care of Rae until she graduated Pepperdine University; from there she uploaded gameplay videos onto YouTube and Twitch streaming sites to make an income through them. Since then she has ventured out into adult entertainment sphere, where it appears she’s doing quite well in this new career path.

Foster parents

Rae Lil Black was only eight when both her parents were murdered by members of the Yakuza, a Japanese organized criminal group. Following this tragedy, Rae was adopted into an American family who took excellent care in raising her. Now Rae has become popular on social media and Twitch broadcaster channels and also works at adult sites – she continues to flourish professionally in this new endeavor.

She frequently posts fashion and lifestyle selfies on her Instagram page. Known for her curvier figure and sizzling looks, she enjoys relaxing outdoors while showing off her curves in pictures posted to Instagram.

Rae Lil Black was raised by Asian immigrants from Japan who belonged to a business family that ran illegal activities resulting in their deaths. After their demise, Rae Lil Black’s foster parents moved the family from Japan to Las Vegas.


Rae Lil Black is an esteemed online gamer, social media influencer and adult actress with thousands of subscribers on both YouTube and Twitch accounts. She posts gaming and vlog videos to Instagram as well. Rae boasts an hourglass figure with long straight dark hair she often ties back in ponytails for social media photos that showcase her curves; these pictures draw fans in.

Rae Lil was born in Osaka, Japan and adopted at eight. When her biological parents were killed by Yakuza when she was very young, Rae decided to relocate with her adoptive parents in Las Vegas where they took great care in providing her an education that has enabled her to become a popular YouTube and Instagram star who earns lots of money while attending Pepperdine University – plus being a model and entrepreneur!


Rae Lil Black rose to internet stardom following the murder of her parents by the Yakuza, and recently began working for adult websites. Her video content mostly centers on online gaming; however she also creates vlogs and challenges for her followers. Furthermore she’s an exotic model who’s done many photoshoots.

She grew up in Japan before later moving to Las Vegas with her adoptive parents. She is well known for appearing in multiple Fine Brothers reaction videos, where she can often be found reciting Japanese. These appearances helped gain her notoriety on YouTube.

She’s an avid admirer of black metal music, loves traveling and has amassed an extensive vinyl and CD collection. Additionally, she plays drums. Additionally, she keeps a small knife concealed within her hairpins for safety. Furthermore, she is very intelligent with an in-depth knowledge of English.

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