RARE: A Steakhouse in downtown NYC, Were The Meat Talks Back

A juicy steak is the summit of a fantastic supper for meat enthusiasts. The most carnivorous appetites will be satisfied with steak, which is perfectly pan-seared, seasoned, and tender. Without a doubt, steak is one of the most popular dishes on the planet. Birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, and other milestones have been honored in steakhouses worldwide, demonstrating the enormous appeal of steak.

It’s something practically everyone loves, so it’s no wonder that many individuals have sought to improve it all around the world.

A decent steakhouse in downtown Brooklyn is quite popular. A random discussion, a warm suggestion from a buddy, and a bewildering number of internet forums illustrate how passionate individuals are about what defines a steakhouse great.

It’s about a family-run business for some. Others are more interested in classics and history. 

But out of everything, and keep everything aside! How rare would it be wherein a steakhouse has meat that talks back? We guess that’s pretty much rare!

Brooklyn Chop House has taken that concept and taken it to a whole new level of sophistication to guarantee that whether this is your first time out in New York City, you get the best service the house has to offer. It is also the first NFT restaurant in New York.

Brooklyn Chop House plays on the word’s dual connotations from chop steak to chopsticks. Brooklyn Chop House serves dry-aged 30-45 day prime steaks such as Porterhouse, NY Strip, Bone-In Rib Eye, pastrami, Reubens, Philly cheesesteaks, bacon cheeseburgers, and French onion soup, all of which have been transformed into dumplings. We guess reading this itself makes your mouth water!

Brooklyn Chop House is also planning to launch a 25,000-square-foot second site in Times Square, which will contain New York’s newest NFT steakhouse. The steakhouse is stretched out over five stories, with private dining rooms, three lounges, and a rooftop, and what’s more mesmerizing is that it will have a private basement that will ultimately contain a members-only NFT restaurant, thanks to owner Stratis Morfogen.

The restaurant is within a short distance of Broadway, making it a great stop for travelers seeking for a good place to eat before a concert. It’s a newly remodeled, friendly, and large eating room with a stunning panoramic rooftop bar poised to open at any moment.

Stratis Morfogen, Robert “Don Pooh,” and David Thomas, who also operate the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, are the proprietors. The company is 75% black-owned, which is ideal in today’s climate.

Here the menu lives true to its moniker as a meat purveyor, it also includes a variety of Chinese mainstays such as dumplings, soups, and lots of skewered meats and dipping sauces. 

Whenever they say Damn Good Dumplings, we want to tell you that they mean it heartly and based on past reviews and feedback.

Cocktails are served chilled to excellence and have a playful and young bent to them. The employees, though, are the true stars of the evening. You’ll get the type of homey welcome that makes you feel like you’re in small-town America rather than the center of what can be a cold and impersonal metropolis.

Instead of a happy hour, Brooklyn Chop House offers happy days(Woah), which are $10 top-shelf beverages seven days a week at the bar! If you want to go for brunch, they have a $40 unlimited dim sum package available. There are no unlimited drink packages available for brunch, however, their brunch drinks are $14.

The design at The Brooklyn Chop House is rather classic, with uncovered ceiling ductwork, brick walls, hanging lights, bentwood chairs, leather banquettes, and pristine white tablecloths, all softened by gauzy curtains in the dining room and 35 more in the bar. Even at maximum volume, the sound is quite pleasant.

Because there are at least seven main shapes and kinds of dumplings in Chinese cuisine, from siu mai to har go, bao zi to jaozi, Morfogen commits no offenses when he stuffs his with things you won’t find in Canton. You’ll wonder why no one thought of this before after one mouthful of his pastrami-stuffed dumplings (they’re all $14 to $16 for five pieces).

Celebrity Visits

Meek Mill, J. Cole, Fat Joe, Mary J. Blige, Spike Lee, Omari Hardwick, Trey Songz, Chaka Khan, Wendy Williams, and Jamie Foxx have all attended the event because of Cummins’ link to the music business.


So Does The Meat Here Really Talks Back?

YES, the meat here is carefully and heartily served. The owners have made sure to serve consistent quality meat throughout the year. Considering the feedback and reviews from the various customers visiting them daily, it is now a known fact that meat at Brooklyn Chop House lets you wonder what is different about them and exceptionally talks back compared to others.

In conclusion,

Now that you know the ins and outs of the Brooklyn Chop House. Consider the fact that it is a must-go place. Do visit them and have a tasteful talk with the meat.

Address: Brooklyn Chop House, 150 Nassau St, New York, NY 10038, United States

Phone: +212 619-1200

Timings: Mon-Sun/ 4 pm to 11 pm.

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