Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup For Beginners

Rockspace is sailing as a world leader when you talk about WiFi range extenders. They offer super fast and stronger WiFi signals. Installing a Rockspace extender eliminates all internet dead zones from your house. The quest is to set up the Rockspace WiFi range extender. That will be dealt with in this article. It is going to offer you an insight into the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process. 

So, if you want to use the Rockspace WiFi extender that you just bought, make sure you get through the following points. Read and understand them so that the installation is seamless. Get going.

Steps for Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup

Set Hardware

The Rockspace extender setup begins with setting the hardware. Get the device out of the box. Also, remove the extender antennas along with the Ethernet cable. Attach the antennas to the Rockspace WiFi range repeater. The angle between the antennas should be correct to have the optimal range and extender performance.

Choose Location

The next step is to place your Rock space WiFi extender. We would like to share a few key points you must consider during range extender placement. For instance, the place must be central to your house. Furthermore, don’t place it on the floor unless you are covering the basement.

The repeater placement should never be close to an open window. It will lead to the loss of signals through the opening. 

Connect with Router

To move further with the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process, you need an internet connection. That is the connection of your repeater with the router is needed. Usually, people connect them wirelessly. It creates less chaos with the wires.

However, we recommend that you must link the repeater and router with a wire. For that matter, use the Ethernet cable you received with the Rockspace WiFi extender. 

Turn on PC

After Linking the devices, you should have a computer for extender installation process. If not a computer, a laptop can work as well. Connect the PC to a power socket and click on the switch. Has the PC turned on? No? In that case, press the start button on your computer.

People using a laptop should keep a charger at hand. Just ensure that your device does not turn off during the extender setup process. 

Launch Web Browser

With the computer powered on, access a web browser. It would be a tool that you can use to access the internet. Therefore, you must have access to the latest version of the chosen web browser. Otherwise, you might not be able to open its login page.

For the best results, choose one from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. Don’t forget its compatibility with the PC/laptop.

Enter Default URL

Take your mouse cursor to the address bar of your web browser and click on it. That is where you must enter your Rockspace extender default web address. Mind the mistakes while entering the URL. Furthermore, hit the Enter key once you are done entering the web address. Before hitting the Enter key, type re rockspace.local in the address bar.

Bonus Point: Don’t enter the web address in the search bar of your web browser.                           

Do Login

One of the most important steps is to do a Rockspace extender login. To do that, you need a username and password. We urge you to get through the Rockspace extender user manual. You will know your default login credentials.

Make sure you type the username and password in their dedicated spaces. You should disable the Caps Lock key before entering the login details. Why? Because the credentials are case-sensitive. Hit the Log In button.

Follow Instructions

The Rockspace extender setup wizard opens on your home screen. Moreover, you get multiple instructions to follow. In some steps, you need to accept the terms and conditions. After you are done, apply the changes that you just did.

Congratulations! Your Rockspace extender setup is complete.


As you have seen, the Rockspace WiFi extender setup is easy. You might have to be careful of minute things. For instance, your web browser should be up to date and compatible with your PC. The extender and repeater should be in the same room during the extender setup process. Furthermore, you need to connect the devices using an Ethernet cable only. 

All these things help you have a seamless setup process. After you are done, you can easily connect to the WiFi extender network and access blazing fast internet.