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Best High-Quality Roofing Materials Used During Different Eras In History

A complete history of Best High-Quality Roofing Materials Used During Different Eras. Important article to connect you with the best contractors.


Today when you look at roofs in different countries all around the world; you will notice diversity in the use of materials for the preparation of the roofs. This is because the people living in those regions had to cope with the material that was available to them.

Main Purpose Of Roof Construction

The main purpose of constructing, repairing, and even maintaining a roof through the help of Roofing Contractors In Massachusetts is to protect the houses, people, and things inside them from outer elements.  

Roofing Contractors In Massachusetts Look Into Design Elements

When you hire the services of contractors for roof construction; they look into three aspects of design elements that determine whether the roof will serve the purpose of protection or not.

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What Material Is Used?

The selection of material depends on the location your house is located. The most important thing to focus on is the weather conditions in that location and select the right material.

How The Roof Is Constructed?

This refers to the design and structure of the roof. Are all structural elements in the right proportion? How much space is in between two roof columns and the questions are considered so on?

Will It Be Durable And Safe?

After carefully considering the above two points the Roofing Contractors In Boston Massachusetts become sure that the roof that will be constructed will be durable. But constant inspection should be done time and again.

Detailed History Of Roofing Materials

The roofing materials that you see today used by different roofing companies like Melo’s Construction have gone through a lot of changes and evolution.

Earliest Humans Lived In Caves

People living in caves at the beginning of civilization were the earliest concept of home. The cave was the only roof that people had. But as humans gained knowledge; they started to construct proper houses.

Primitive People Has Limited Sources

It is unsure who invented the roof but it is thought that the first proof of building a home and roof comes from the Stone Age or Bronze Age. Back then people used whatever material they found to construct a home and roof.

China First Made Tiles Out Of Clay

As civilization developed people discovered other materials that could be used to make more durable roofs. In China clay was used to make tiles to be put on roofs.

Wood Was Available In Northern Europe

Trading between countries began during the Iron Age; till then people used whatever material was available to them. In the northern regions of Europe wood and other parts of trees were utilized.

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Dry Vegetation Was Also Used

In many parts of the world, dry vegetation was and is still in abundance; so the roofs were constructed using this.

Baked Clay Roofing In Southern Europe

Baking the clay gave durability to it; so this technique was used in the countries in southern Europe.

Roof Shingle Used By Americans

By 1903 a new technique was discovered in which individual slates were placed on the roof.

Roofs Made From Different Metals

These same shingles are now made in modern materials and especially different metals to make them extremely durable and strong.

Solar Roofs The Latest Innovation

Today the most latest and innovative roofs that most Roofing Contractors In Massachusetts provide is solar roofs. These roofs don’t have the normal roofing materials; except they are installed with solar panels.

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