Safe Water’s Impacting Educational System in Mexico

The new season perfectly unveils the back to school vibes that have taken over Conquista Campesina. School season is here. New generations are continuing in the footsteps of their predecessors as images of going to school via walking or bus continuously fill the minds of many. It’s frequently an optimistic and joyful time of year. But the heartbreaking truth is that while millions of youngsters aspire for an education, they frequently skip class because of diseases brought on by tainted water sources.

Children in Conquista Campesina, an isolated town in Chiapas, Mexico, experienced this while they were growing up. Many kids weren’t well enough to have fun, play, or even muster strength to go to school.

 According to Angela, a mother of two, “my small kid has gone through a lot in the past since we only have the option of drinking water from the well.”

He could play for fifteen minutes before becoming just exhausted. He would become ill and be unable to attend class. He was incapable of even holding a pencil to sketch or write when he graduated kindergarten. The wells are not well dug and often they are shallow.In addition, the wells are very salty because of their closeness to the ocean.  Mothers like Angela hoped for the best for their kids.

She recalled one particular subject that came up frequently during various school meetings. “The parents present would talk about how their kids weren’t going to school because they were ill.” Conquista Campecina’s whole population now has access to clean water thanks to the installation of solutions by Water Mission with the support of devoted partners like you.

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A Community’s Resolve

Although the neighborhood was plagued by disease, its members never gave up hope and compassionately assisted one another. The life of the entire town has improved now that everyone has direct access to quality water. My small son is more concentrated now, Angela said. He’s getting the hang of using a pencil. He is studying writing. He doesn’t get ill very frequently. His stomach is not bothering him. He is not hurt. He’s now giving it his all. The son and daughter of Angela are doing well in school and enjoying their youth.

The Fight Against Global Water Crisis

Although we are incredibly happy about Conquista Campecina’s access to clean water, more than 2 billion people throughout the world still lack this essential human right. A clean water organization called Water Mission is dedicated to working with devoted donors like you to give the gift of safe water.

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