Say Goodbye to Boring Ceiling with these Paint Ideas

Did the thought ever cross your mind that your room is amiss something? We suggest that you look up! Yes, the fifth wall of the room, which is the ceiling often takes a back seat during our renovation plans. You won’t disagree with us if we say that for ages, the typical ceiling wall paint color in most houses is a dull neutral shade. In our opinion, it is about time that you showed a little extra love towards the ceiling. The ideal paint color above can change the look and feel of a space, just like your four walls. We chose some of our beloved statement ceilings to demonstrate how a fresh coat of paint can elevate any room in your house to a whole new level of style.

  1. Lemon-yellow ceiling: Yellow is one of the most cheerful colors existent, and it adds a fun contrast to your otherwise completely white boring walls. It blends seamlessly with both modern as well as traditional décor for an eclectic feel. If you are feeling a little bold, then don’t shy away from painting your ceiling yellow while your other four walls hold a blue tonal color scheme. 
  2. Gray ceiling to match subtle wallpaper: If you have your room walls covered in earth tone wallpaper like that of warm beige, tan, coffee, or champaign, adding gray to your ceiling is a fantastic way to give it a high ceiling effect, while adding depth and drama to the whole setup. 
  3. Black Popcorn ceiling: Popcorn ceilings were extremely popular in the early 19th century, and the trend seems to be coming back now. A lot of people are turning towards adding popcorn ceilings because it’s an excellent way to discreetly conceal ceiling flaws and they can also absorb sound quite well when compared to smooth ceilings. The black popcorn ceiling compliments practically any colored wall, but if you feel black can be intimidating, then check out the Asian Paints shade card to explore different color schemes and pick one that compliments your interior décor.
  4. Serene blue ceiling: A blue painted ceiling is just what you need when you want to bring a piece of the sky into your bedroom! It renders a tranquil feel to your space, making you feel relaxed after a long hectic day at work. A lighter shade of blue on the ceiling compliments a room that has simpler white walls and to spice things up you can even add a blue ceiling to brightly painted walls in mauve, and cotton pink. 
  5. Orange stripe ceiling: If you want to completely transform the look of your room, then think of adding orange and white stripes to your ceiling will give it a whimsical touch. You can decide the width of the stripes based on what kind of space illusion you want to create. Thinner stripes make the room look airy, while broader stripes make the room look cozy and close-knit.  
  6. Purple ceiling: We know there are a lot of questions that are crossing your mind, but let us assure you purple color ceiling will make your space look downright chic instantly. It’s a color that can be used in your bedroom, dining area, or even the living room. If you want to make your purple wall shine, then let your other four walls be painted in muted colors of gray. A lighter shade of purple is a perfect fit for your kid’s room because it adds a soothing touch to the décor. 

Apart from painting, there are several other creative things that you can do to further elevate the look of your ceiling, like adding patterned wallpaper, fixing tiles, or installing faux wooden beams. Keep these suggestions in mind next time when you are ready to redesign your space. 

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