SEO Predictions For 2022

Every year, SEO experts come out with a predation list about what is most likely to happen. There have been those who predicted the death of SEO, while others predicted that videos would rule the digital marketing arena.

But what fuels these predictions?

It’s good to remember that SEO is a strategy that continues to evolve, and this has been pushed further by Google updating its algorithm and processes all the time. However, Google algorithm processes queries keep changing and this should remind you to ensure that your SEO strategy is fresh, as that is necessary to make you competitive.

However, we have asked the experts about what might happen in the world of search engine optimization this year, and these are their SEO predictions for 2022.

1. HTML will still be here

HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, which is a formatting method that is used to tag text files which allow browsers to show your content in specific colors, fonts and graphics after they are retrieved over the web. Writing HTML provides a way for digital marketers and website builders to communicate with the search engines. By writing your tags in a particular way, it will get high ranking and become more visible to the people who look up for it in the search engines. However, there are SEO experts who argue that because of the sophistication of the content management systems, web designers and online marketers will not have to learn HTML. Well, all these just remain predictions, and by the year’s end, we will know which one came to pass.

2. Video and long form content will be the standard

A perfectly implemented content marketing strategy is the basis of SEO. In 2022, more businesses will develop more marketing videos than it was sometimes back, while many more will develop long form content. Longer content offers customers more value and this also helps to boost search engine rankings. But the catch here is that the content should be information dense and should provide the readers with genuine quality.

3. There will be increased optimization for Google Discover

In 2022, one trend that will be more visible is optimizing for Google Discover. This is a feature that is designed to help users to locate content that is relevant to their needs.Google discover was launched for the first time in 2012 and it has grown to become a Google’s feed. Many SEO experts are predicting that more businesses are optimizing their content for this important feature.

4. Third party cookies will no longer be useful

Whenever you visit a website, there are certain files that are created, and this is what is known as cookies. They ensure that relevant browsing information is saved, and this helps to remember a unique user preference. However, third party cookies will wane in 2022. Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari have banned them, and Google is most likely to follow suit.


In SEO, change is the biggest thing that you can count on. In most instances, what worked some years ago no longer works, and new trends are expected to come into force. The above expected trends can help transform your landscape, so it’s important that you understand them.

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