Signs You Need A Website Redesign

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With the advanced development in website designing, having just a website built for your business is not enough. Today, it’s more about the look and appeal of the platform where you sell. 

While it’s easy to attract traffic initially, maintaining consistency isn’t easy! If you feel that you’re unable to get the desired results, maybe it’s time for a website redesign. It would also help your website stay relevant and on top of the search lists.

In case you don’t know, here are some signs to show that your website needs website redesigning. 

Signs That Your Website Needs A Redesign!

  • Lack of optimization for mobile – Most people use their mobile phones while searching for websites to shop for convenience. If your website is not customized for use on mobile phones, then there is a chance that you are missing out on potential customers, thereby affecting your business. 
  • Low search engine ranking – Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in increasing rank in search engines, attracting a large number of visitors. Having a low search engine ranking would make a significant dip in your business. Lower-ranking reduces the chances of the audience visiting your website. You can avoid this by optimizing CTAs through periodic website design.
  • Low conversion rates – This is the most obvious sign that you need a website redesign. If the generation of traffic is taken care of, but the conversion rate is still low, it’s probably because of a lack of relevant messages and captivating content.
  •  Lacks a sense of visual appeal – It takes a few seconds to create a first impression. Even if your website tops the list in the search engine, you might lose a considerable amount of audience if your website is not visually appealing. Having relevant keywords and a website designed by web designers would help escalate your website’s ranking.
  • If your website loads slowly – Millennials lack patience, and they don’t want to wait for a few moments when it comes to searches due to the availability of numerous options. If your website takes more than two seconds to load, visitors move on to the following website. So a website redesign is necessary to decrease your loading time to almost negligible.
  • Using outdated visual cues – Visual cues enhance the visitor’s experience. With each development trend, the visual cues keep changing. You can do a website redesign to use visual cues of proper design, color, and layout because this defines if the visitor will stay or leave.
  • When your business is growing – With the increased number of visits and usage of your website, it might take time to reorganize the data and make it more accessible and easy to navigate for the users to avoid lags.
  • There’s an upgrade or change in your business – Obviously, you need to redesign your website if there’s an upgrade in your marketing strategies, products, or brand messaging has changed. The makeover should cater to the target audience through the website that chooses to buy or do business with you.


If you see that your website qualifies for any of the above-mentioned points, it’s time for your website redesign. Following these points and redesigning your website would give guaranteed positive results for your business.

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By Asad Ijaz Khattak

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