Silicone wedding rings for military

Time and the needs of man have made silicone rings famous. Thousands of couples are opting for silicone rubber bands rather than traditional wedding bands made of metal. But what about soldiers and military personnel? Can they silicone wedding rings?

Here are some reasons why the military should choose silicone rings:

Silicone rings are safe

Soldiers are active and need to keep their fingers secure while training or in the war. Mostly, they choose silicone rings as an alternative to their metal wedding rings. It helps them show they are committed and don’t want to disappoint their spouses by not wearing their rings. Silicone wedding rings would suffice when they go to work while their original ring is safe at home.

As a solder, you cannot keep your finger at risk by wearing a metal risk. It is a tough material and can sometimes cause severe injury, known as ring avulsion. Stats reveal that ring avulsion happens to more than 150,000 people yearly.

Soldiers and militants consistently undergo training, and their finger is at a higher risk with metal wedding bands. To opt-out of the danger, they can choose silicone rings as a substitute that breaks away easily when it gets caught.

Silicone rings are comfy

As a soldier, you have to participate in physically challenging things. The army also prohibits metal rings to ensure safety. And silicone rings also give you the benefit of comfort. You can just wear it with ease, and there’s no hardness. Sporting a metal ring may feel tight or heavy on your finger.

But with a silicone ring, you don’t face any such issues. You get guaranteed comfort, and you’re ready to fulfill your duties as a soldier without worrying about anything else. 

Silicone rings resist harsh conditions

A soldier should be prepared for anything. Military training is basic; they may come across several brave and chaotic conditions in their life. Military people are tough, and their wedding rings should be the same. The best silicone rings help withstand harsh conditions. It is soft rubber that can conveniently bend, stretch and flex. The weather may be as high as 500 degrees Celsius or as low as -75 degrees Celsius, but it doesn’t impact silicone rings.

Allowed in the military

Soldiers are allowed to wear two rings, one of which can be a wedding ring. The guidelines also show the ring should be safe, simple, and discreet. While a metal ring doesn’t suffice these points, a silicone wedding ring appears to be the best substitute.

Qualities of a good military wedding ring

A silicone wedding ring that you wear as military personnel should follow these standards:

  • It should be made of pure silicone rubber, which is hypoallergenic, secure, and sturdy.
  • It should be light in weight.
  • It should be heat-resistant, water-resistant, and non-hazardous.
  • It should be designed to bear extreme temperatures and harsh conditions and keep your finger safe.
  • It should be flexible enough to swell and shrink according to your finger.


Keeping the above points in mind, it is important to go for a premium and high-quality silicone ring for your wedding for use in the military. New Top Rubber is your one-stop solution to get all types of the best silicone rings for you.

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