Six Streaming Shows That Have Transformed Broadcast Entertainment

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Apple TV are all household brands, and chances are you a subscription to at least one of these services. For many people, streaming has become the new normal, frequently taking precedence over traditional cable television channels across the country. Now, I’m not suggesting that network and cable television are irrelevant; rather, I’m stating that entertainment has evolved due to the popularity of streaming services. Cable networks have even begun to alter their approach to television programming in response to the dramatic shift in what viewers expect to see from services like Netflix and Amazon.

We are no longer permanently committed to turning on the television at a given time or on a specific channel because we have many possibilities at our fingertips that we may start and stop at our leisure. Nonetheless, the top-tier networks (Disney Plus Begin complete guide) have significantly altered their lineups to provide a more specialized offering. This shift in programming attempts to attract the streaming audience and entice them back to the television screen at pre-programmed times. To such a period, it has succeeded, but it would not have occurred if the streaming mania had not altered the composition of the content we want to watch. Six series are now streaming that helped revolutionize entertainment, and some of them continue to do so.

6. Daredevil (Netflix) COMIC-BOOK BASED

Daredevil, probably the most well-known unconventional streaming choice, set out to reinvent the superhero show. Daredevil premiered after The CW had already developed a few comic-book-themed shows over the previous decade (Smallville, Arrow, and The Flash), but Daredevil turned the genre on its head. Daredevil established a dark, gritty, and menacing atmosphere that has not been matched since its 2015 debut. While it was only a year ago, that does not minimize what the Marvel/Netflix team accomplished because they weaved a story so beautifully that we all binge-watched the entire series the weekend it premiered.

5. House of Cards (Netflix) POLITICAL DRAMA

Even if the political drama isn’t your cup of tea, House of Cards is a program worth watching. There have been numerous political shows on mainstream television (Like TikTok Videos), but House of Cards revolutionized the genre with its central character. Most political television series we watch serves as the moral compass for politicians’ behavior (West Wing, Madam Secretary & Commander in Chief). Nonetheless, House of Cards rewards us with an outstanding performance by Kevin Spacey as the cunning congressman seeks vengeance on those who have betrayed him.

4. The Castle of the Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime)


The Man in the High Castle surprised me, as I knew little about it before beginning to watch. I was fascinated after the first episode and hadn’t looked back. The Man in the High Castle delves into science fiction in ways that few other shows have. We are exposed to a parallel history in which the Axis powers defeated the Allies in World War II. The Man in the High Castle is unlike anything else on television, as it is set in a post-World War II dystopia (now split into the Japanese Pacific States, the Neutral Zone, and the Greater Nazi Reich).

Season 1 premiered on January 15th, 2015, and Season 2 is scheduled for release in 2017.

3. Opaque (Amazon Prime) COMEDY

Transparent stretches the bounds of comedy as it chronicles a Los Angeles family’s discovery of their father’s transgender identity. Transparent ventures into uncharted territory by delving into the human journeys of some. It initiates a discussion by lifting the bar through smart dialogue and a true commitment to providing a relatable and earnest examination of what it means to confront a decision like the one the Pfefferman family faces.

Season 2 premiered on December 11th, 2015, and Season 3 is scheduled for release in 2016.

Narcos (Netflix) DRAMATIC RIME

Following the exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Narcos takes viewers on a dark and hazardous journey through the evolution of the world’s cocaine drug gangs. Narcos deviates from the standard drug-trafficking narrative by focusing on Escobar’s legendary drug lord and the DEA agent assigned to Columbia to apprehend and ultimately kill Escobar.

Season 1 premiered on August 28th, 2015, and Season 2 is scheduled for release in 2016.


You may wonder how an animated show can revolutionize a genre, but Dinotrux has. The film is based on the illustrated book series and introduces us to an imaginary prehistoric planet populated by individuals who are equal parts construction vehicles and dinosaurs. You have to imagine that coming from the folks at DreamWorks Animation, it carries a certain cachet, and it ushers in a new era of animated series that utilizes the same level of elegance as a feature-length animated film.

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