Some Incredible Things You Can Do With Hemp Plants

Are you wondering how the medicinal hemp plant is different from the industrial hemp plant? Do they really differ? Not really! The only difference between the two is how they are grown. Industrial hemp is grown very close together like corn and gets very tall. It is used for clothing, building supplies, seeds and many more ingenious purposes with more getting discovered every day. The use of edible gummies becoming very popular because they are better than all other CBD and related products in the market and also more effective too.

Hemp plants grown for medical use like CBD products are grown 6 feet apart and are usually pruned back in the beginning stages of growth to create a manageable size bush.  Hemp plants naturally contain less than 0.3% THC. Anything above this percent (In the USA) is considered marijuana. Hemp-based products like CBD oil, cannabigerol oil, and other products are non-psychoactive and will not make you high. If anything too much CBD will make you very relaxed and sleepy.

How is a Hemp Plant Turned into Different Products?

There are several applications for hemp plants, especially industrial hemp, mainly grown for its seeds and fibers. In order to make anything from hemp plants, hemp plants need to be dried and crushed to be used for different purposes. Some quick facts about hemp are:

  • Hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 products.
  • The hemp plant can grow up to 15 feet high.
  • Hemp is commonly used to make a paper more durable than paper made from other trees.
  • Hemp is easy to plant and can be harvested in as little as 120 days.
  • Hemp is a high-yielding crop which means it can produce 4 times more paper-producing pulp as compared to acres of other trees.
  • Hemp seeds contain different amino acids and are rich in fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.

What Are Some Incredible Things You Can Make Using Hemp Plants?

Hemp is a multipurpose plant that you can use to create a wealth of products. Hemp is a versatile plant, and you can do much with it. Below are some ways you can use hemp plants:

  • Textiles and clothing: Hemp can be used to make stylish clothing that becomes soft each time it’s washed. Hemp is abundant and can produce 3 times the amount of textiles and clothing from a single acre. Hemp clothes stay warm in cold temperatures and cool in warm temperatures.
  • Nail Paints: Hemp oil is commonly used in the beauty industry, and its latest innovation is nail polish made from hemp. Hemp oil nail paints are a natural alternative to harmful chemical-based nail polishes. Hemp-based nail paints may strengthen and repair your nails as they contain proteins, fatty acids, and vitamin E, such that these nail polishes are a better option to restore and maintain healthy nails.
  • Biofuel: Creating biofuels like bioethanol and biodiesel using hemp has always been a hot topic of discussion. Biofuel is a fuel made from plants, and hemp plants are used to make a type of cellulosic ethanol. It is obtained from fibrous stalks of the plant and used to make biofuels.  
  • CBD Oil Products: The popularity of CBD is rising, and people know about different CBD products like 1000Mg CBD Salve, CBD Balm, CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD smokables, and others. Reputable brands like Flower Child CBD, FAB CBD, and others use the CO2 extraction process to obtain pure and potent extracts from different parts of the hemp plants. Because hemp plants don’t contain more than 0.3% THC, they have become the preferred choice of several CBD manufacturers as there’s no way to make the user feel “high” using hemp-derived products.

Closing Thoughts!

The hemp plant is multi-faced and can be used for various purposes. Because of its versatility, it would be difficult for you to find any other plant that holds the same amount of possibilities. The best thing about hemp is that it has the potential to make some unprecedented changes in a world that is striving to be more eco-friendly.  

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