Spring: the specifics of skincare

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A new season means new skincare rules. Spring is when it is still cool and humid in the early morning and late evening, and warm or even hot in the afternoon. And the dense winter cream is already becoming heavy, felt by every cell.

Spring is winter-weary skin that has experienced more than one stress. Hypothermia, contrasts of hot and cold air, high humidity outside and dry air of office and home air conditioners and heaters, heavy winter food and lack of vitamins, sedentary lifestyle, permanent lockdowns, quarantines, and related restrictions. All these factors lead to the fact that at the end of winter – at the beginning of spring, the skin needs intensive restoration, moisturizing, and nutrition.

A cosmetologist can do a lot, but his efforts alone are not enough. The most optimal option is visits for procedures like PRX-T33 chemical peel, but in modern realities, it is difficult to implement them. The best solution is the synergy of two, the cosmetologist and the client. When home care supports the effect and result of salon procedures, professional sessions consolidate, multiply and prolong home efforts.

Home care: basic rules

High-quality skin care in spring at home is a very real thing. Just like we brush our teeth twice a day, we take care of our faces twice a day. The algorithm of daily actions is simple, uncomplicated, and easy to perform:

  1. Cleaning;
  2. Application of tonic/toner;
  3. Application of serums/boosters;
  4. Eye cream;
  5. Day/night cream;
  6. 1 time every 7-10 days of exfoliation;
  7. 2 times a week – masks.

Cleansing: the choice of product depends on the type of skin and, preferably, on the hour. Milk, cosmetic creams, soft cleansing emulsions, and hydrophilic oils are suitable for dry skin in the spring. For oily, problematic skin – gels and foams. In the period of exacerbations and the appearance of rashes, appropriate means containing extracts of the relevant medicinal herbs. Owners of the combined type can combine these products – for example, milk in the morning, and gel in the evening, which has a greater cleansing and drying effect.

The specificity of milk and cream is a significant content of oils. Such care does not dry out the skin already irritated in the spring, which means it does not provoke an increased function of the sebaceous glands. After all, the skin, reacting to too aggressive cleaning, increases the production of sebum.

Evening cleansing should be stronger and of better quality – because you need to remove from your face everything that has accumulated on it during the day: cosmetics, sebaceous and sweat glands, street dust and dirt, and the remains of the morning cream mixed with them… in addition if on the skin there are cosmetics, the stage of evening care begins with makeup removal. First, we will remove the permanent makeup from the face, and then we will clean the pores.

Toning: a mandatory step in the home care system. If the client complains of a tightening sensation, especially after washing, it can be easily predicted that either the product is not quite correctly selected, or she avoids tonic. Remove the remains of makeup remover and cleaning products, balance the pH, and prepare the epidermis for a better perception of the following products and their deeper penetration – these are all tonics. The stage is important for any season, and even more so for spring.

With the light hand of representatives of the Asian skin care system, toners have entered the list of home remedies for many girls and women. There is a huge difference between these two means – both in terms of the purpose of the action and in terms of composition. Today many professional cosmetic brands operating also have toners in their assortment. The main thing is that they are used, and do not collect dust on the dressing table or shelf.

Serums and boosters: powerful active preparations that have an additional effect on skin care. Spring is a luxurious time to use them. Of course, we are primarily talking about professional drugs. Moisturizing, antioxidant, brightening (only in the evening), nourishing oil cocktails, vitamin “bombs”, anti-couperosis, with plant muscle relaxants and peptides – the world of professional serums is big, interesting, and beautiful.

In the spring, you can hide lightening serums in the refrigerator until autumn – or, as a last resort, use them only at night. Then, in the morning, a day cream with an SPF factor must be used – so as not to increase pigmentation while fighting it.

Boosters are another relative novelty of the last few years. Action amplifiers – this is how they can be briefly described. If the serum is used separately, usually under the cream, then the booster can be both an independent player and an additional one. Under the cream and in the cream, on nails and hair – the booster enhances the effect of the main care product, accelerates its action, transports the active ingredients in the composition even deeper, and makes them work faster.

In the system of professional skin care, some cosmetology brands from the world of booster cosmetology offer a 5-stage care algorithm, in which the booster is applied at the final stage before the cream after cleansing, masking, and toning. For spring, it is optimal to choose a vitamin composition, lifting, anti-couperosis, and nutritious.

And finally – favorite creams. In the spring, the skin may already be uncomfortable with a dense winter product, so it asks for a lighter texture. It is not yet time for moisturizers, although many professional moisturizing creams contain oils such as shea, sweet almond, grape seed, etc. The best option for choosing is to consult with your cosmetologist. Knowing the type of skin and their condition, working with them, the specialist feels the client’s face with his fingertips – and will offer the best and most comfortable option for spring, for the face and eye area.

Exfoliation and masks

A prerequisite for correct skin care is exfoliation. It is especially relevant in the spring – in order for the skin to absorb all the active ingredients of cosmetics, it must be cleaned of the top layer of dead cells. And after exfoliation – masks. Cleansing, detoxifying, and moisturizing products will be optimal for the oily type, and moisturizing and nourishing products for the dry type. The combined type feels comfortable with the symbiosis of several of them on the face.

At home, masks are one of the strongest restorative and care products. Especially if they belong to the world of professional cosmetics. In addition, professional masks often do not need to be washed off – and with their help, it is quite convenient to conduct a course of a kind of intensive therapy in the spring. 2 weeks of such intensive care – and result in the literal sense of the word will be reflected on the face.

And not only on the face Рwe constantly remember the neck and d̩collet̩. After all, a well-groomed face will show itself in all its beauty only against the background of an equally well-groomed neck and a beautiful neckline.

Spring is a time of renewal, nourishment, saturation with vitamins and extracts, a time of revival, and blossoming. And how the skin will enter the summer, how it will survive ultraviolet light, how much it will please its mistress – depends only on us.

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