Simple Steps to Learn English – Guide for Beginners Interested in Learning

It can take years between realizing that you need to follow what Steps to Learn English and the first real action. This guide can help you.


However, it can take years between realizing that you need to learn English and the first real action. We often perceive a foreign language study as a serious step for which we need to prepare, and we postpone it for endless Mondays. With this approach, you waste a lot of time and opportunities. A year will pass, and you will think: “If I started learning English a year ago, now I could already get a job in a foreign campaign or move to another country.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of English language and culture? Whether you’re a non-native speaker looking to improve your language skills or a complete beginner eager to start from scratch, this guide is tailored just for you. In the fast-paced, interconnected global society we live in today, mastering English can open up endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. From understanding popular English slangs to confidently navigating everyday conversations, this guide will provide you with simple steps and practical tips to kickstart your learning journey.

By the way, you can use these steps not only for learning English.
What is motivation?

I have already written more than once that a person’s motivation to learn when learning English plays an important role when learning English. Motivation is the desire to do something, striving for a goal. You can probably remember at least one example of when you had a strong motivation to do something. For example, you hate getting up early. But the fact that you have a flight at 8 am to the country of your dreams makes you jump out of bed and happily set off on the journey. If a person is motivated to learn English, learning will be much more pleasant and faster.

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For example, you know that in a month you have an interview in English for a great job of your dreams in an international company. You really want to get this place. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will miss lessons, do not do your homework, be late for class. Of course, you will run to class and learn English at any free minute. Why is our motivation to learn a language falling? Almost everyone studied English at school, institute but did not see the result of learning – and did not learn to speak it. Because of this lack of results, many people have thoughts “English is not for me,” “it is impossible to learn English,” “I have no ability to learn languages.” At the same time, your motivation to study decreases.

In fact, the truth is that anyone can learn English! Therefore, I advise you to get rid of such thoughts and increase your motivation quickly.

These steps are straightforward to follow.

Step 1: set a goal. Think about what knowledge of English will give you
Look at your life: wherever you can use English. To do this, ask yourself the question: “If I could speak English, what would it give me?”

Step 2: Draw yourself all the benefits of language learning. At this point, you need to dream.
You decided that you need English to get a high-paying and interesting position, now present in detail all the benefits of this. What changes will this bring to your life? For example, think about how you will spend the money you will receive in your new position. Or imagine how you will fly on business trips around the world. Do not be afraid to fantasize; draw in your imagination all the details of language learning’s benefits.

Step 3: Decide You Need to Learn English Right Now
This is a very simple step – decide that you will be learning it from today.

Step 4: Spend 10 minutes a day in English
Now, after the decision, you need to start acting. But we must act gradually so as not to “frighten off” our decision. Therefore, do not overwhelm yourself with textbooks and start cramming the rules of English grammar. Find something interesting in English. For example, Short funny stories, pictures, funny videos in English. Main principles: It should be easy (don’t get into complicated grammar).

Your Related article should be interesting: How to keep your English in shape by taking 10 minutes a day. The goal of this step is to restore interest in the English language. Gradually increase the class time from 10 minutes to 30, from 30 to 60, etc.

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Step 5: Find the Right English Learning Method
There is no need to step on the same rake: learn a language from textbooks, spend a lot of time on theory. And in the end, you will be disappointed in English, since you cannot speak the most important thing – to speak it. “Correct” methodology means that there will be a lot of practice in the classroom, and this should be the practice of speaking skills.

For example, in our Easy Speak courses, 20% is devoted to theory and 80% practice. This allows you to immediately use in your speech the rule that the teacher explained, gradually bringing its use in speech to automatism. If you want to get the result, find courses or a teacher in your city engaged in a similar method.

Step 6: get started Right now, do not postpone your training, do not make excuses for lack of time and important matters.
They will never disappear from your life. Just start your training and get the first results.

For example, right now:
So, I hope these steps will help you stop putting off learning English and finally learn and

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