Stunning Lighting Ideas to Suit Any Style in your interior design

Choosing the perfect lighting solution has always been a priority for all homeowners. No matter how impressive your interior design, you cannot do justice to it unless you integrate vibrant lighting. Good lighting will enhance your designs and helps your guests to find the smaller lines and minute details in your designs. However, it can be tedious for you to find the right lighting idea until you know all the lighting ideas. When you buy a lighting solution by searching for a chandelier shop near me, you should always have ideas for an easy buying experience.

To help you find the right lighting ideas that suit all styles, the professionals in this editorial have found some of the most stunning lighting ideas. If you wish to have minimalistic yet impressive lighting, then read this guide before browsing for chandelier lights price in Bangalore. 

The modern Breakfast nook gold chandelier 

This type of lighting solution will suit any of your spaces. This modern farmhouse-inspired chandelier is for all the massive living spaces. It is designed like a cage that influences all modern housing designs. It complements small houses as well. The best places to have this lighting are over your Dining area or the hallway. It gets integrated into the ceiling with two straight rods coming down to hold the cage-like structure. The framework of this chandelier comes with a golden finish that even makes it more significant.

The striking globe Pendant

This lighting solution is named the striking gold pendant because it comes in a globe structure and strikes out from the ceiling. Inside a globe-shaped pendant with a rustic finish, you will find the lighting. This pendant lighting comes hung from the ceiling with a chain. This pendant light comes in brass and gold finish and enhances the space in your living room the most.

Gold chandelier with atom shape

This is another great lighting idea that you can try in your home. This lighting is exceptionally attractive and suits all the corners. The design comes in the shape of an atom surrounded by orbits. Lights come in a Plus shape from the centre part of this chandelier. This lighting looks great with a golden finish. You can integrate it into your custom ceiling with custom paint on it.

Basketweave pendant lights 

The basketweave pendant lights are charming and come in black shades to enhance the look of your white-coloured interior. These pendants come either in a smaller size or oversized pendants. The light comes attached in the centre to illuminate the areas you integrate it to. The basket weaved pendant lights have a complete blacked framework, from the ceiling integration to the bottom. When you are browsing for a chandelier shop near me, you should always find these kinds of lighting.


In conclusion, these are a few lighting ideas that suit any space in your home. You can buy these lighting solutions from online platforms or offline stores to best decorate your home.

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