Summer Beach Plans? Get Ready With These 6 Must-Have Products

Summer is right around the corner, which means many people are focused on getting beach ready so that they look and feel their best when the temps are warm enough to hit the pool or the ocean. While hard work through exercise and healthy eating, not to mention plenty of hydration as the temperatures rise will go a long way to getting you beach ready, there are also products that can make accomplishing it even easier. Keep reading for the must-use and must-have essentials that will have you ready for the summer in a snap.

Sunless Tanning

One of the best things about lounging by the pool or falling asleep on a sandy beach is curating a beautiful tan, but for many people entering the summer season with an existing tan, it gives them the confidence to wear their swimsuits. Using sunless tanning is an easy way to accomplish a natural bronze before you’ve even laid out, not to mention you don’t have to expose yourself to harmful UV rays. While tanning beds notoriously aren’t the best for your health, there are plenty of healthy options for getting glowing bronze in your home. Applying these correctly takes some trial and error, but once you master them, you’ll never look back and may even choose to use them year-round.

Body Scrubs

We apply many products throughout the year to keep our skin supple and healthy, and body scrubs are one of the best ways to exfoliate dead skin cells off of our bodies, prepare our bodies for shaving, and maintain healthy soft skin. Body scrubs are essential to getting beach ready, looking your best, and even the shortest of shorts, dresses, and strapless tops.

Hair Wavers

Arguably one of the best benefits of spending time at the seaside is the beautiful beach waves that come with the salty air and wind-tousled hair. Get yourself and your hair beach beautiful with a hair waver that can give you beachy waves in minutes. Like any hair tool you’ve never used, it’s worth watching a few tutorials, but beach hair wavers are so much easier to use than conventional curling wands and can be a game changer when it comes to achieving the beach aesthetic in just minutes. Always make sure to apply a heat protectant before using products like these to protect your hair from damage, but the waves they produce are worth the investment.

Tightening Creams

Every body type is beautiful, this is known and given, but that doesn’t mean that you may not want to tighten up certain areas. Bathing suits can be revealing, but even the most modest can showcase jiggly bits not everyone is comfortable flaunting. Tightening creams can give you the confidence to bare it all in even the skimpiest suits and can be used anywhere on the body you want or feel like you need lifting. Additionally, most tightening creams are highly moisturizing, which is very important when spending time in the sun for overall skin health.

Foot Scrubs and Pedicures

Walking on the sand has been proven to exfoliate the feet and give your feet a beautiful appearance, but since you’re trying to get beach ready, you haven’t set a single toe on the sand yet, so investing in foot scrubs and going to get at least one pedicure before the season begins, is highly advised. From flip flops to open-toed shoes, we show off our feet during the summer and beach season more than any other time of year, so make sure your feet are beautiful before you head to the club, the pool, or the ocean side.

Body Brushes

As mentioned earlier, with the importance of exfoliation, body brushes are key to getting a beach-ready body as well; they exfoliate the skin and boost circulation, which is great for your overall health. In addition, body brushes are necessary to prepare your skin for self-tanners and tightening creams, as mentioned above.

Don’t be caught off guard when summer hits or feel insecure about yourself because you didn’t take proper steps to get yourself ready for the season. By adding the above products to your summer arsenal, you’ll step out in style and confidence no matter where the summer takes you.

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