Sunglasses: features, best frames and those to avoid

Every now and then you may have seen a person with a new pair of glasses or try on a pair yourself and think: the frame is not suitable for the face. The cause of this feeling of aesthetic cacophony is most likely due to the wrong association between face shape and type of frame and lenses. This often happens when observing people with faces that can be traced back to a perfect circle , because this extremely regular geometric shape becomes difficult when it is associated with connotations.

Now you are wondering: how to choose sunglasses? To find your best sunglasses, we will provide you with all details and glasses frame store.

Lasses, Shape, Face: What to watch out for and what to avoid

When choosing sunglasses, you should consider some simple factors, both physical and aesthetic, that are relevant to your lifestyle. As a result, the frame you choose will highlight the unique features of your face while maintaining the perfect balance between proportions and colors.

A harmonious face with a narrow forehead and full cheeks communicates sweetness, sympathy, classicism.

Circular faces need contrast, so glasses with round lenses should be avoided.

Precisely for the principle of opposites that attract, if you have a round face you must choose glasses that interrupt the circularity of your characteristics.

What you really don’t have to do is inscribe two circles, the lenses in front of your eyes, in a larger circle, the perimeter of your face.

Continuing with the sayings that become advice: remember that, if we talk about glasses for round faces, too much is good.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses : which ones to choose?

Now is the time to become extremely pragmatic to give you precise indications that will allow you to enhance the rounded features.

We have already said “no” to circular lenses and now we emphasize a nice “yes” to rectangular frames to interrupt the monotony of the circle and give an elongated effect to the round face .

The choice can also fall on frames of other shapes, but what you need to focus on are the angularities that contrast with the curved lines of the face.

A very important feature to consider, especially if you consider sunglasses for round faces , is the volume of the cheeks or cheekbones , what must be avoided is that the frame rests on them.

This relevant detail is essential when the lenses are wide or if you want to wear a cat-eye frame.

It is not enough to evaluate everything that we have described so far to choose the glasses for round face, it is also appropriate to analyze:

  • Eye size and color
  • Face size
  • Size of the nose
  • Hair color and cut
  • Personality / character

Face shape takes priority, but these items on the list also have their weight.

Small eyes in a large face and, conversely, large eyes in a small face need different frames to be enhanced. The same reasoning applies to the size of the nose.

The colors that characterize your appearance and the style you want to communicate are never to be neglected, because, beyond the rules, it is essential that the eyewear is an accessory that reflects your personality.

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