The 15 most popular wedding flowers in 2022

What would a wedding be without fresh flowers? Wedding flowers are one of the most noticeable elements of your special day, providing elegance, fragrance, or even a fun pop of color. Luckily, there are several variations and also sorts of flowers to pick from.
Even if you have a favourite flower in mind, your spending plan, colour palette, and style all come into play when selecting the best flowers for your wedding day. Minimize the stress on your wedding day by picking a traditional wedding flower that pairs with your wedding season and wedding theme. You will be able to pick a flower that is in season for a lower price and also easier.
Narrow down your choice with our list of the 15 most popular wedding flowers. Varying from the timeless rose to the modern calla lily, these standards never go out of style. Lug your flower option throughout the wedding by including flowery details on your save the dates and also your thanks cards.


Suitable for a fall, spring, or summer wedding, the cheerful as well as affordable ranunculus varies in colour as well as size. Whether you go with a pop of pink, a sunset orange or a deep red, the ranunculus has very closely developed petals and makes a striking display screen. Ranunculus look great with anything, from roses to succulents, so you can choose a rustic or elegant look.


Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, the lush and fragrant peony provides a romantic look. With their big, fragile blossoming petals, peonies look fantastic paired in a bouquet with other cream-coloured flowers and eucalyptus. Some peonies are also in shades of coral (like this one), mahogany (like this one), and yellow.


You can never go wrong with the timeless red rose for your wedding, a symbol of love and purity. Roses might be typical, but there are numerous ways to assemble a bouquet that is unique to you! There are more than a hundred different types of roses, with varying sizes as well as colors, available year-round, making this flower suitable for any type of bride, wedding season, or theme.


Due to the hydrangea’s voluminous maturity, you can use one or two sparingly as part of your bouquet, or transform a couple of them right into a focal point. Their shape resembles a beating heart, so they symbolise perseverance and also emotion. The hydrangea radiates femininity and elegance in pale pink or white.


Belonging to Southern Asia as well as Japan, gardenias stand for elegance and grace. These flowers are perfect for the Southern Charm theme or a summer wedding. Gardenias have no stem, so one looks beautiful floating in a bowl of water with candles, pinned to your hair, or perhaps on the reception dinner table for a touch of elegance.

Calla Lily

Modern and also sleek-looking, the calla lily’s trumpet blossom and long stem would certainly make a bold statement at your wedding. Place a couple in a high flower holder for a dramatic centerpiece. The creamy ivory sets well for a summer garden wedding, while the dark purple would certainly work well for an art deco or modern event. The calla lily also varies in colours, like yellow, orange, and pink.


One of the most recognised flowers, the daisy, is in season year-round. The Gerbera is an ideal option to light the mood and bring a cheerful feeling to any reception. White and yellow are two common colour palettes to utilise with sissies, yet they work well with just about anything.

Baby’s breath

A symbol of purity and virtue, baby’s breath is an economical option to include in your floral plans as well as decor. For a subtle, aromatic addition, you can include it in a bridal flower crown, as a low-key boutonniere for the groomsmen, or to embellish your decor. The versatility makes baby’s breath a popular choice in weddings.


Readily available year-round, the fashionable succulent has actually taken control, turning up in all kinds of Embellish your bouquet, background, or centrepieces by including succulents of any style or shade. They make a sensational finishing touch. Succulents are heat-resistant, easy to keep, and strong, so they’re great for everything from a formal event to a rustic wedding outside.


Once called “filler flowers,” carnations are currently a popular choice for weddings. Their frilly petals as well as a variety of colours make them functional to utilise by any means you please. In addition, they bloom throughout a lot of the year, so the carnation works well if you are preparing for a winter wedding.


This ageless and exotic flower can add an air of mystery to your wedding. They symbolise charm and also refinement, adding a sensational accent to any arrangement. Many people use them for their bride’s bouquet, and they make a great centerpiece. They also work well for beachy or tropical weddings.


Make a remarkable statement by including anemones in your floral plans or as the focus of your bridal bouquet. The vibrant black centre of this flower adds depth, which works well for a non-traditional occasion. It doesn’t matter what season it is because anemones are always a good idea.


Similar to the peony or hydrangea, dahlias bring charm and also sophistication to your big day. Their round petals, combined with their unique features, make a bold statement in any bouquet.Try pairing it with a loose bundle of greenery. Dahlias come in a wide range of colors, from subdued to bright. They are most popular in the summer.


tulip isn’t just for the Easter holiday; it looks beautiful at weddings too! One of the more well-known flowers, its peak season is spring.

Sweet Pea

It’s no surprise why brides love the sweet pea as a bridal flower; it looks lovely on its very own or arranged with other florals. The sweet pea blooms in the springtime, so they work well if your wedding is in the spring season.
You don’t have to be a professional to pick a flower that best suits your personality, wedding theme, and location. No matter the occasion, florals make for beautiful wedding photos.

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