There are two reasons you might be looking to use an auto clicker in Minecraft: either because you want to click faster than you can do on your own, or because you want to automate something in-game like collecting resources or building structures. If you fall into the first category, there are many different auto clickers available, and some of them are actually quite good; but if you’re into automation, then your choice will have less to do with features than it will with compatibility. For that reason, we’ve included both on this list!

GG Auto Clicker 

The fast auto clicker is one of the best autoclickers available. It provides a wide range of commands and options to customize the mouse clicks and keyboard presses. There are three speeds that can be set, including slow, medium, and quick. The software will automatically reset at the end of each play session. It is compatible with Windows operating systems from XP onward.

Auto Key Clicker 

This is the best option. The mouse moves around and clicks automatically as you watch it. It’s really fun to just sit back and watch your mouse click on things while you do other things. There are some limitations, but it is a great choice if you want to play with others and not have to worry about clicking all the time. 

E Auto Clicker 

For minecraft players, the E Auto Clicker is perfect. It’s a plugin that automatically clicks on blocks when you walk away from them. When you’re done playing and want to go do something else, just walk back to your computer and it will stop clicking. It can also be used to automate other tasks like breaking blocks or collecting resources without having to worry about clicking constantly.

Forge Auto Clicker

The Forge Auto Clicker is a very simple and easy to use auto clicker. It features some basic features such as spam clicking, scrolling, and pausing. A free version of the app is available but it has limited functionality. If you want to unlock the full power of this app, then you’ll need to purchase it for $2.99 USD on Google Play or App Store.

Flame Auto Clicker

Flame Auto Clicker is an auto clicker for PC, Mac, and Linux. It has a simple interface that makes it easy to use. The Windows version is free, but there is a cost associated with the other versions. It supports multiple games including Minecraft. As of writing this review, it doesn’t support Beta 1-3 of Minecraft, so if you are looking for a solution that can handle any future updates of the game, this might not be your best option.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to automate clicking on things in your Minecraft game, one of these five clicker tools will suit your needs. They range from free, easy-to-use clickers that use hotkeys to get the job done to more complex software with a variety of settings and options. Whatever your budget or skill level, there is an auto clicker out there for you!

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