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The Cat and its Role in Human Life

The cat is a pet. Like a dog, it is often turned on by modern people, regardless of social status. Today there are many breeds of furry creatures. British shorthair breeders BC, as well as nurseries of other breeds, are breeding. Breeders say that they often buy pets with a calm disposition. Still, a cat is a rather peculiar animal that loves independence. In the presence of aggression, it becomes 100 percent uncontrollable, which causes a lot of trouble for its owners.

If you buy a representative of a calm breed, you will be able to find an affectionate friend. In addition, the cat will help to cope with depression. Communication with her improves mood. It becomes easier to cope with the stress that constantly accompanies the life of a modern person. If there are children in the house, then it turns out to teach them how to care for a creature that is tamed and almost completely dependent on people.

Cats are clean. They go to the toilet in a place strictly designated for such purposes. However, this is possible if, at a young age, the animal was taught to do just that. If a fluffy creature is bought in a reliable nursery, then they will take all the necessary training steps. But there is a minus of the cat’s behavior due to its nature. She loves to sharpen her claws. But this minus can be minimized if you purchase a scratching post. In catteries, kittens are taught to sharpen their claws on a scratching post. This approach allows future owners not to face serious problems in the process of keeping a furry friend.

Beauty and character as the reasons for buying cats

Many breeds of cats are distinguished by impeccable beauty. An example is the british shorthair or golden chinchilla. This breed attracts attention with its beautiful coat, big eyes and cute expression of the muzzle. Everyone who has even once seen such animals is delighted with how they look externally. However, it is worth noting that there are also breeds that only some people can cause delight. There are quite scary-looking animals. They are bought by lovers of specific breeds. More often, pets with a soft fur coat and a pretty expression of the muzzle are still purchased.

The cat itself is an independent animal. Regardless of breed, furry creatures like to do things their own way. But if the pet has a calm disposition and willingly makes contact with a person, then you should not expect unpleasant surprises from him. It will behave quite predictably. But we must remember that the character of an adult cat directly depends on how it was raised at the age of a kitten. It is worth paying attention to raising a small animal, loving and caring for it, and then it’s really possible to get a good result.

In addition, it is worth choosing breeds that are naturally calm and non-aggressive in nature. You can, for example, consider options for british shorthair for sale. These cats are friendly. They can be started in a house where children live. These cats get along well with other pets. They love their owners but don’t bother them

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