The difference between the Yesoul M1 exercise bike and the Yesoul S3 exercise bike 

The Yesoul Bike is an indoor bike you can use to keep in shape and improve cardiovascular fitness. The Yesoul exercise bike is more of a stationary bike that can be used at home or in the gym. It is designed to provide effective exercise and improve cardiovascular fitness. You can use this device at home. If you have a small apartment or don’t have access to a gym, this bike is the best option for you. The YESOUL exercise bike is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to move and store when not in use. It only weighs 33kg!

Yesoul Bike Features:

adjustable resistance

The Yesoul exercise bike features a 100-position magnetically adjustable resistance system that allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. This makes it suitable for all fitness levels and allows you to gradually build up the intensity over time.

silent operation

Yesoul Exercise Bike It’s quiet and easy to use. The Yesoul exercise bike features silent operation and a magnetic resistance system that differentiates it from traditional drivetrains, so you can work out anytime without disturbing anyone.

comfortable seat

The Yesoul exercise bike has an ergonomic seat so you won’t feel any discomfort during your workout. The seat can be adjusted vertically to accommodate different heights, so anyone can use this bike comfortably without worrying about their height affecting their experience while working out.

Bottle Holder: The Yesoul Bike comes with a bottle holder for users who prefer to carry drinks with them during their workouts so they don’t have to worry about running out of water while exercising.

Support smart devices

The YESOUL bike also supports smart devices to give you feedback on your progress during your workout. It also shows the time, pace and calories burned during the workout. Lets you adjust exercise intensity based on the feedback data.

The Yesoul exercise bike is one of the best exercise bikes on the market. It’s a top-of-the-line product with features sure to make your workout experience more enjoyable. When you want to buy, you may have questions about the different models of YESOUL exercise bikes. Here we will introduce the differences between different models of YESOUL exercise bikes in detail.

The best-selling models of YESOUL exercise bikes are the M1 and S3. You may have many questions, what is the difference between M1 and M3?

In fact, the Yesoul M1 bike and the Yesoul S3 bike are different in many ways.


The main difference is the appearance, the Yesoul M1 adopts a fully enclosed structure, which is very safe. The fully enclosed structure ensures that the rider’s legs are not exposed to external elements, preventing the rider from getting caught in the flywheel and causing injury to the rider. Plus, it’s more helpful in maintaining a stable posture while exercising. The first impressions of its users are very good. It looks like a small bike and can sit on your desk or beside your bed. It doesn’t take up much space, but it can help you stay healthy!

Yesoul S3 adopts a naked transparent structure, which is more fashionable and more popular with young people. The color of the whole machine can be black and white, not monotonous. The upper part of the handlebar is equipped with a bracket, and the design of the bracket is also simple and elegant, which ensures the safety in maintaining the trendy appearance.


The two models also differ in the weight of the overall machine.

Both the Yesoul Exercise Bike M1 and Yesoul S3 are designed for home use. But there is a slight difference in weight between the two.

Yesoul Exercise Bike M1 weighs 33kg and has a maximum carrying capacity of 100kg. The packaged weight of the whole machine is 36kg, and the volume is 99.5*22.5*95.5cm.

Yesoul exercise bike S3 is more lightweight, weighing only 31kg. Its maximum load is also 100kg. The packaged weight of the whole machine is 36kg, and the volume is 1065*254*880cm.

If you are planning to buy a YESOUL exercise bike, it is more beneficial to choose the right weight product to save your purchase cost.

Although the two machines are light in weight, the overall structure is firm and stable. All in all, they are both professional exercise bikes that can help people lose weight effectively.


Both the Yesoul Exercise Bike M1 and Yesoul S3 have bottle cages. This is a great feature because anyone who’s ever ridden a bike knows it’s important to stay hydrated while riding. There are slight differences between the two bikes, the bottle cage of the Yesoul exercise bike M1 will be slightly larger than the S3 model.


If you are a buyer or reseller, you should be very sensitive about certificates. This certificate is a guarantee that the product you are buying has passed all quality tests. This is an important aspect that must be considered when purchasing any product. Also, it will help you avoid buying poor quality products as they do not have this certification. Therefore, we recommend that you always check the certificate to protect yourself from possible damage caused by a bad product.

If you want to buy an exercise bike or any other product from China, make sure it has a CE certificate. CE certificate stands for Conformité Européenne (European Conformity). This certificate shows that the product complies with all European safety and quality standards.

We are proud to tell you here that both models of exercise bikes have CE certificates, and the S3 additionally has ROHS/REACH. The complete set of certificates ensures that you can import YESOUL exercise bikes from China without risk.

Except for the differences described above, there are no other differences between the two exercise bikes. You can purchase the corresponding model according to your specific needs. If you have any questions after reading this article, you can feel free to contact us. We are the best in China. One of the best manufacturers of exercise bikes, our sales department is always on hand to answer your questions!

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