The Latest Trends in Door Services

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As technology advances and home design and security become more important, home services are taking notice. Security features have become popular, including upgraded access systems and reinforced entry points. Arched trim and Customization are also popular choices. However, not all of these features are available everywhere. To learn more about the latest trends in door services, read on or contact local garage door services. This article will give you an overview of a few popular trends. Then, you can make the most informed decision possible.

Glass on garage doors

The use of glass on garage doors is not only stylish but is also beneficial for your health. The added visual stimulation from natural light increases productivity and happiness. Most employees prefer natural lighting over artificial light. Aside from providing safety and protection, glass garage doors are also suitable for business, as they do not rust or show any signs of weathering. Additionally, their sleek designs make them easy to spot from afar.

Glass on garage doors is an excellent way to increase curb appeal. They can match your home’s exterior color or even add a splash of color. A glass paneled garage door also saves you from the hassle of painting. In addition, your neighbors will envy your gorgeous garage! But don’t let the benefits of glass overshadow the disadvantages. For a beautiful garage, you need to pay extra for a high-quality glass door.

Arched trim

The first step in installing arched trim on door services is to mark where it will be attached. Ideally, it should be aligned with the inner edges of the side pieces’ angle cuts. Then, line the outer edges of the straight pieces up with the inner edge of the arched trim and nail them into place using pairs of 6d nails at 12-inch intervals. Once installed, fill and caulk all exterior edges. Once complete, paint the arched trim the finish color.

Arched trim is an essential feature of a door. It is a decorative element that accentuates a home’s architectural design. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be heightened or profound and adds to the home’s aesthetics. Newer versions of arched door trim feature a pattern of repeated curves. This makes them look integrated with the rest of the house. The arched door trim is often found on carriage and barn doors, two types of doors that complement the classical outlook of a home.


When you’re putting together a new home, you’ll likely want everything to look perfect. Customization of door services is one way to do this. Often, these professionals will create a unique design for you, like Seattle Garage Door Repair, they can fix your current door. You can also choose from different glass options and even incorporate sidelites or a transom insert, which slides above the door. No matter what you’re looking for, a custom door service can help you create it.

Smart technology

Among the benefits of innovative technology for doors is its cost-effectiveness. You can easily control your door from a distance than traditional locks. Moreover, smart home appliances can automatically adjust to the user’s preferences. For instance, you can program your garage door to open at specific hours or turn on the lights and fireplace. You can even set the volume of your favorite music or program the security of your garage.

A smart home is a system of devices connected through the internet and accessible through one central point – usually a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or game console. This technology allows you to control several devices from anywhere and control the temperature, lighting, and appliances from one device. With such a setup, you can save a lot of energy costs. You can even control the door locks remotely. Hence, smart homes are becoming increasingly popular.

Larger or broader doors

The most expansive doors are now more popular, with numerous benefits. These doors are easier to maneuver, allowing people to bring larger packages. They also offer additional insulation to keep a room’s temperature constant, reducing energy costs. Many types of doorways are available to fit your needs and style. If you are looking for a wide door for your home, here are a few of the latest trends indoor services

These types of doors also come with a variety of design options. Some consumers choose to install door sidelites, which are glass panels adjacent to the entry door. Another option is to add a transom, similar to a sideline but mounted overhead. Double doors are also becoming increasingly popular and are associated with contemporary-styled homes. Larger or broader doors are the latest trends in door services for commercial and residential applications.

Accent color

If you want to add a pop of color to your home, you should consider adding an accent wall. This trend has been around for years but will likely evolve into a different look in the future. While the traditional idea of using contrasting paint colors is still popular, using different accent colors will become more subtle and not as striking. In the meantime, painted interior doors will give your home a unique and colorful look that won’t require the same commitment as an accent wall or fully-painted room.

A popular choice for accent color is sage green, which blends well into an urban and natural setting. This color is surprisingly versatile and adaptable, making it a perfect accent color for a front door. This color’s neutral tone gives it a soothing effect, while its dash of paint is enough to distinguish a home from its neighbors. However, before committing to bold color for your door, it’s essential to consider its maintenance and appearance before making a decision.

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