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The Rain Jacket Guide for Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping

Are you wondering about buying a rain jacket for hiking or an outdoor trip? You’ve come to the right place!

Selecting the right rain jacket is a difficult task as there’s a huge variety of different rain jackets available in the market right nowadays.

Also, it’s not like other clothing, which you can buy randomly and create an outfit. It’s a type of decision you wouldn’t want to get wrong, as getting soaked during your hiking or fishing trip ruins the overall experience. 

To make it simple and help you find the best fishing rain gear according to your needs, we’ve created a straightforward guide.

In this guide, we will decode and provide all the essential information about rain jackets that every layman can understand and pick the right jacket according to their budget and chosen activity.

What exactly is rain gear?

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Many outdoor enthusiasts purchase a rain jacket as one of their first pieces of outdoor performance equipment. The main reason is that when a storm comes in or the wind starts to howl, a waterproof shell is one of the most vital pieces of gear for comfort and safety.

Rain gear refers to the clothing used on the body to keep you dry when it’s raining. Raincoats, capes, ponchos, and boots are all common rain gear items. Many raincoats come with hoods to keep the rain off your head, but rain caps are also available separately. Rain pants are another essential piece of rain protection.

Rain jackets are articles of clothing that keep you dry and allow you to breathe when exercising. They have a few other characteristics, which we’ll discuss in more detail below, but they are the most essential and divisive.

How do I select rain jackets and pants?

Water-resistant, breathable, and waterproof are the three broad classifications of rainwear. Which category is best for you depend on how much time you’ll be outside in the rain and how strenuous your activity will be?

Water-resistant rainwear

Water-resistant men’s anorak is very breathable and usually less expensive than waterproof, breathable outerwear. It is designed to keep you dry in a drizzle or light rain. In the rain, someone biking may perspire more than a waterproof, breathable jacket can handle.

As a result, they’d be better off with something a little less waterproof and a little more breathable. Water-resistant clothing includes soft shells and windbreakers.

Waterproof rainwear

A nonbreathable rain jacket is the standard PVC vinyl rain jacket worn by your neighborhood crossing guard. It’ll keep you dry in low-impact activities like light walking around town, but it won’t keep you dry if you decide to hike a mountain.

A Yellow rain jacket is wonderful for ventilation because it’s open below, and it’s long enough to cover much of your lower torso. Additionally, if you’re wearing a pack, the poncho can be thrown over that as well.

Waterproof yet breathable

Running, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and so on; if you want to work out or play hard outside and aren’t put off by a little rain, choose outerwear that is both waterproof and breathable.


While a waterproof garment will keep you dry from the rain, it will not allow perspiration vapors to escape, and you will become as wet from your own sweat as you would be from the rain. So a jacket that lets your skin breathe is as important as the waterproof quality.

Factors to look for in a Rain Jacket 

The following factors can be used to assess the quality and performance of any sort of rain gear:

  • What is the water resistance of the rain pants?
  • Is the fabric water-resistant, and have all the seams been sealed?
  • What is the breathability of the rain pants? This affects whether you will begin to sweat while wearing the waterproof gear.
  • How long will the rain pants last? How long do you think you’ll be able to utilize them? When you’re shopping on a tight budget, keep this in mind.
  • What is the weight and packability of the rain pants? Some people care about the weight of their waterproof apparel, but not everyone.
  • Many people mistakenly believe that lightweight equals breathability. 
  • Reduced weight on rain pants usually means less durability.
  • What is the Visibility and reflectiveness of the rain pants? High Visibility can help keep you safe by making you more apparent to vehicles and other road users, especially when cycling in the rain or at night.

Where to get your Fishing rain gear?

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Helly Hansen Workwear, a leader in technical fishing apparel, offers a choice of waterproof rain pants with different fabrics and functions for different purposes.

The price range of waterproof rain trousers is not solely determined by the level of waterproofing. It also has features like vents, zippers, pockets, reflective accents, and breathability.

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