The Ultimate Flower Ordering Guide: 5 Proven Strategies

Use These 5 Tips to Save Money the Next Time You Order Flowers

I have to have flowers all the time, all the time.” – Reza

The ancient Egyptians were fond of beautiful flowers as early as 2500 BCE. Floral arrangements are gifted across all cultures and time periods, serving as a powerful translator of emotion such as joy, grief, gratitude, thankfulness, and love, to mention a few.

If you want to keep this time-honored practise of giving flowers alive but don’t know where to start, check out our suggestions below for how to get the most bang for your buck the next time you order flowers.

1. Buy from a neighbourhood florist

Many internet flower companies are nothing more than order takers. They get orders from web ads and promote themselves as a local flower delivery service. An order is created and delivered by a local florist after it has been created. To transfer your order on to someone else, the order gatherer normally charges a €15–€20 service fee.

When ordering flowers, make sure you use a local florist to avoid incurring these costs. Make sure the flower store has a physical address and phone number in your area. This can be found at the bottom of a florist’s homepage, or by searching for them on Google to check their business listing details.

2. Locate an experienced flower shop

When looking to conduct business with someone new, reviews are a customer’s best friend. Spending money on a firm you don’t know much about can be intimidating. With only a few keystrokes, you can see what other customers have to say.

Google reviews and Facebook reviews are great places to look for testimonials from previous customers of your potential new florist. Simply conduct a Google or Facebook search for the company to see what others have to say.

3. Make Flower Ordering Less Mysterious

When ordering flowers for the first time, call the flower store. Yes, you can place an order through their website, but that does not provide you with any additional information on the company. Customer service is crucial, and how a company treats you on the phone can reveal a lot about them.

A company’s quality should be reflected in all they do. If you obtain excellent customer service, the chances are that everything else will go smoothly. You can place future orders on their website and be confident in what you’re getting once you’ve determined you like your new flower shop.

4. Select the appropriate flowers.

When it comes to flower delivery, there is no such thing as a bad decision. A skilled florist can put you at ease if you feel out of your element and are unsure what to order. Your florist can make recommendations based on the event, budget, and, most significantly, what flowers are in season and in stock at the time after gathering a few information.

Many businesses will even send you a photo of the final flower arrangement through email or SMS to ensure you receive exactly what you want.

5. Utilize your neighbourhood florist

Now that you’ve chosen a local florist, placed a few orders, and are satisfied with the service, there are a few things they can do to help you out. If you send flowers on a frequent basis, your local florist can set up recurring delivery for you, similar to a flower subscription.

This “set it and forget it” option can occasionally make life easier. Perhaps you don’t send flowers on a regular basis but do so on exceptional occasions. Your florist can give you reminders of upcoming important events, giving you the option of sending flowers or not.


Is it possible to have flowers delivered the same day?

Yes, if you place your order by 1 p.m., we can deliver the same day.

Can I choose a delivery date in the future?

Yes, after you’ve chosen your item, you’ll be able to specify a delivery date. If you have a preference for AM/PM, you can specify it in the ‘delivery remarks’ section. Unless it’s Mother’s Day, we don’t deliver on Sundays.

What If the Recipient Isn’t at Home?

Typically, the driver will leave the order with a neighbour or in a secure location at the delivery address, along with a card containing this information. Alternatively, we could try again later in the day. We will leave a “While you were out” card explaining what happened if this is not possible or the recipient is unavailable when a later delivery is attempted. The receiver can then choose to pick up their package from our shop or have it delivered the next day.

When do you make deliveries?

Monday through Saturday, we deliver flowers. We usually begin delivering at 9:30 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m.

When will I be able to collect my flowers?

If you selected ‘collection’ during checkout, your bouquet will be ready to pick up at 9 a.m. on the given day.

Is it possible to acquire wedding flowers through your website?

No, we are happy to provide a really personalised service for designing your wedding flowers, so please visit to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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