Things To Remember When Buying PaddleBoards Online

Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing beach sport categories in the world. Most people love the game because it makes for a good workout, and it does not take long for one to learn. It is also fun and gives you a chance to connect with nature. Unfortunately, the different paddleboard brands on the market make it hard for many people to choose the right first paddle board.

This guide provides information on how to choose and buy the right paddleboard online.

Pick the Best Type for Your Need

You want to pick a board that enables you to do most of the water sports without any problems. There are four main types of paddleboards on the market today. They include:

All-Around Paddleboards

This paddleboard is a perfect choice for beginner paddlers. It can work in various conditions, including choppy and flat, and with various skill levels. These paddles are family and dog-friendly, meaning that you can surf with a friend or your canine friend. Come with the right watersport apparel for the game.

Surfing Paddleboards

This paddleboard is perfect for intermediate and advanced surfers. Go for it if you want more action in the water and want to gain some experience in the beach sport. It maneuvers well in waves. The board looks like an oversized board.

Touring Paddleboards

This is a paddleboard for people who are interested in high-intensity surfing. It works well in the open ocean, flat water, and in the lakes. It has great efficiency and glide capability. Beginner surfers can also go for this board because it is wide and stable.

Racing Paddleboards

These paddleboards are made for open ocean competitions, downwinders, and flat water races. The extra length and width allow it to move quickly and with good glide efficiency. It is challenging to use if you are just getting started with the watersport, but it is perfect for experienced racers.

Pick the Right Size

The paddle board size should be based on your weight and your experience of paddleboarding. A wider, longer, and thicker board allows you to displace more volume and hold more weight more stably. If you are just getting started, go for this kind of board and downsize as you gain skills, balance, and skill. Check with Cotswold Outdoor for available sizes to pick one that best matches your skill level.

How is the Bottom Shaped?

The hull is the bottom of the paddleboard. It determines how your board performs in the water. The two types of hulls currently available on the market include:

Planing Hull: This is a flat bottom board. It is very stable and ideal for surfing if you are a beginner, as it “planes” fast when it reaches higher speeds when you are surfing. Planing hulls make up the highest percentage of hulls in the market.

Displacement hull: This bottom has a sharp, pointed nose that enables it to displace water on either side. It is perfect for paddlers that like travelling long distances on water. The sharp nose enables it to slice through the water with little resistance, which, in turn, enables both a fast and smooth ride. 

This hull is common in touring boards as they travel long distances on water. Just wear the right beach wear for the long surfing periods.

Do You Go for Inflatable or Epoxy Boards?

Now that you have settled on the type of board you need and the size that is good for you, it is time to determine whether to go with a hard paddle board or an inflatable one. These two differ in various ways.

The inflatable paddleboard is ideal for first-time paddlers and works well in all conditions. Besides, if you travel a lot, an inflatable type is ideal for you, as you can pack it and move it with ease, inflating it when you need to use it.

On the other hand, hard paddleboards have better performance than inflatables. It’s also great for paddlers who want to improve their maneuverability, speed, and agility. They are also durable and can withstand any issues you find on the water.

After you have found a paddleboard that best meets your needs, check the various offers available on the market to determine the ones that are within your budget. It is also good to check customer reviews of the selected type and brand. Pick a paddleboard with favorable reviews, especially for durability and ease of use. 

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