Tips for a Family Road Trip

Tips for a Family Road Trip

A planned family road trip is a must-have for every family with kids in the summer. Planning a family trip can also become kind of a nice family tradition that will consider the needs of all the members. You will spend time with your kids on a budget and enjoy wonderful views along the route. 

There are many road factors that influence a good trip: boredom, car troubles, whining can transform a journey into a nightmare to remember with shivering. To avoid a major fail, make detailed planning before taking a car rental from the nearest office. It will help both you and your kids to enjoy a long road adventure.


Stay on course during your family road trip

When you hit the road, it is better to have a detailed plan of the route and all stops for your 7 passenger minivan rental. Think over all the main roads and preplan extra routes for some occasion. Even if you rent a car with special GPS equipment for navigation, and have your iPhone with Google maps, do not undervalue ordinary paper maps. You never know when you can meet the part of the road without an internet connection or WIFI problems. You can also use paper maps to give your kids a geography lesson.

Create activity bags for all kids

When you travel with a bunch of kids, they should have an activity bag for every kid and keep them at their feet.

  • The kids should choose games, books, coloring pages, workbooks, trinkets, and put all the stuff in the bag;
  • Prefer solid toys without small parts not to be lost in the car;
  • Consider specific activities for the smallest kids up to 4 years old and pack their bags personally;
  • Tell the kids to be responsible for the things they put in the bags. They should know that what they take to the trip they need to return back as well, and not forget it at the back seat of a rental minivan;
  • Make a printed travel journal for extra-long journeys and let the kids fill it in the process with interesting ideas and encounters;
  • Give paper atlas to every kid and propose them some games connected with geography;
  • Give highlighters to the kids that will let them mark the route while driving

Prepare snacks

Keep busy not only kids’ hands and minds, but their mouths. Pack healthy food in separate containers for every kid, otherwise, they will fight. They will fight anyway, but at least you have tried. You can pack such healthy snacks as fresh fruits, cereals, whole grain crackers, protein bars, cheese, and hard-boiled eggs, and trail mix, but the truth is that it is better to allow them to eat some junky food. Do not consider it as your parents’ failure, just let them have some freedom in the journey. If you do not pack food into separate containers, choose a “snack master” who will be responsible for food dividing between kids and other family members.

Plan Entertaining in Advance

Busy bags can give you some silent time, but do not expect that it will be enough for a long route. Plan lots of mind games that you have played in your childhood, and that do not require any supplies. 

  • Counting cows/ red cars/ clouds/ whatever. Counts any stuff you meet along the road, or on the road. When you pass the next town, all the results burn and you have to start again. The winner gets a snack.
  • ABC game. Find letters on the road signs and other signs along the road. You have to go in alphabet order.
  • Singing songs. It is simple and does not require any special knowledge. 
  • Listen to audiobooks and CDs. Make playlists for everyone before the trip.  
  • Quaker meeting. A silent game. WHo breaks the silence first is lost. 

Plan small stops to stretch and move

It is better to plan breaks on the route when you first decide to rent a minivan. Put them on the maps for the kids to know how much time is left for the next stop. You can stop near fast-food restaurants, gas stations, but it is better to plan stops at nature near waterfalls, state parks, historic sights, and charming towns. Kids need movement after long hours of sitting at the same place. Play some movement games and stretch the legs. If it is possible, switch drivers at each stop. 

Expect Everything

Kids feel sick in the car very often, so it is a must for parents to be ready for the situation. Get Ziploc bags, paper towels, saltine crackers and keep them within reach. Do not hope that it will never happen to your kids, be prepared.

Tips for a Family Road Trip

Leave Early

If your road trip is going to last more than 10 hours, it is better to wake up early and hit the road. When the kids finally wake up you will pass a great part of the road. Still, it is better to divide a road in two several days if it is possible. 

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