Tips for Calculating Square Footage in a Home

Square footage is used to determine the house’s value and compare it to other houses. If you are planning on selling your house, you will be required to tell the real estate agent the square footage of your house. Hence it would be best to be sure that your calculation is accurate so that the house’s value is neither over nor undervalued. Here are some points for calculating square footage in a home. calculate square footage in a house in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Calculating the square footage of a house

If the house is rectangular or square, you can easily calculate the square footage by simple math. You need to measure the length and width of the house and multiple them with each other to get the area. You can simplify this process by calculating each room’s area separately and then adding them up in the end. This will make the calculations more straightforward, and the dimensions of rooms are comparatively easier to measure.

Taking into account the closets in a room

People find it confusing to measure a room with closets; however, it is relatively simple. You need to measure the dimensions of the closets and find their area. You’ll need to repeat this procedure for every closet in the room, after which you have to add it to the total square footage of the room. No rooms are perfectly square; hence the calculations, in reality, maybe more complicated.

American National Standard institute

No law sets a static method of measuring the square footage. The American National Standard Institute has published a guideline to make matters easier. These guidelines tell people how to calculate the square footing, and many real estate agents widely follow their method. Their method consists of calculating the square footage from the house’s exterior, and they do not subtract the width of the wall from the total area. These guidelines have helped create uniformity and helped new homeowners calculate their footing.

Tools needed to calculate the square footing.

The essential tools for calculating the square footing of your house consist of a measuring tape to measure the dimensions, a notepad to write down the date, and a calculator for the calculations, which is especially important if you are bad at math! Recently real estate agents have started using a laser distance measurer, which makes measuring the measurement easier. The laser distance measurer is a device placed on a wall opposite the wall that needs to be measured, after which the device will show the area on its screen.

Calculating the roof of the house

Planes on the roof are used to calculate the square footing. The plane is a side of the roof that has four edges. To find the square footing, you need to find the area of all of these planes individually. The dormer is a part of the roof that sticks out and needs to be added to calculate the square footing. 

Things you do not include in the square footing.

Only finished places of home are included in calculating a house’s square footing. The unfinished areas are not included. These unfinished areas include the garage, the attic, the pool house, the guest house, and the storage area. While calculating the square footage, you’ll need to be careful not to include these areas; otherwise, you would be giving inaccurate square footage.

Hiring a professional

While calculating the square footage seems easy, it can be complicated, especially if the house is not typically designed. Some individuals may not have the time or the skill to calculate the square footage themselves. In this case, they can hire a professional appraiser who will calculate the footing value for you. However, these professionals usually charge a high fee in exchange for their services. You can also ensure that the value obtained is entirely accurate by hiring a professional. Read more about Rudn Enclave


As mentioned above, the house’s square footage is used to calculate its market value; hence, it needs to be accurate. Any errors in the calculation will lead to an inaccurate market price for the house.

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