Tips to become a good pg host 

In order to be successful as a pg accomodation in hsr layout owner, there is more than just choosing the perfect location. There are certain things that your guests expect from you and need from their stay in your home. Without these things in place, your business will not last long.

These are the top 10 tips for becoming a good paying guest accommodation host.

1. Treat guests like friends or family members rather than strangers. :  Listen to your pg in hsr layout guests needs, especially if they have special requests, and do everything you can to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. Guests appreciate being heard and the feeling that their needs are important to you. As a host you have the opportunity to make them feel special, relaxed, and pampered from the time they arrive until they check out.

2. Allow guests to call you by your first name. :  This shows that you are friendly and open with your guests. You are also personalizing communication with them and conveying a feeling of being friends.

3. Remember the names of your guests and make an effort to recall their needs and interests so that they feel like they have known you for a long time. This will help if they need your help in the future or if the situation arises that you need some extra help at home or on the road.

4. Offer refreshments upon check-in, particularly if the guest arrives at a time that is not normally convenient. If they arrive late in the evening, offer them a snack or beverage like tea or wine to help them relax after their trip.

5. Offer to carry the bags from car to room or gather luggage from carousel when you meet your guests at the airport. This goes a long way in making them feel welcomed and appreciated for choosing your accommodations over other options. Even inviting them to come inside for a drink or meeting with you in the lobby can give them an idea that you are more than just a business owner. Such gestures and words show that you care about your guests’ experience.

6. Ask your guests if there is anything that they need or want from the flight, the road or their stay at home prior to arrival. This helps in anticipating potential issues before they happen by addressing them beforehand and by offering resources, guides and directions to resolve problems on site if needed.

7. By welcoming your guests at the airport, you are also thanking them for choosing your accommodations over other options. It is a small gesture but one that goes a long way in establishing a friendly relationship with your guests.

8.  Make it clear to your staff when your guests arrive and leave, so that they are aware of when they should be at the desk or room to greet them, check in and offer any necessary assistance during their stay.

9. Make the guest room seem like home or the guest’s bedroom part of your own residence. You should have a place for your guests to relax, unwind and freshen up after a long day. It should also be distinct from your living room, kitchen or dining area so that it is easy to identify when guests check in.

10. Make sure that all your guests enjoy their stay as it is more than just a business transaction and they are in your home. If a guest is unhappy with the service or wishes to leave, it is always polite to ask what can be done to resolve their needs. Offer a refund if they want and provide other means of compensation if you cannot offer a refund.


If you follow these  tips, you will transform yourself into a better host and garner respect from your guests. You will also be one step closer to becoming successful as a pg in hsr layout owner or private host.