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Tips to Easily Win Dream 11 Contest are very helpful for new players. Compared to other contests, Head to Head can fetch you more profit.


If you are aware of Dream 11 fantasy application and their contests, you might have heard or even played Head to Head contests where you will compete directly with another user. Compared to other contests, Head to Head can fetch you more profit because there is a fifty percent chance of winning.

However, winning isn’t as easy as one thinks. One must put extra effort to know about the teams, the matches and take calculative risks. Also, luck plays a role here. You must know about the matches, the right contest to join, the condition, among others, before joining the contest.


Here are a few tips to help you win the contest-

Know the right contest to join:

When it comes to Head to Head, different contests are available based on the entry fee and the winnings. You must be very sure of the match before joining the contest because you might end up losing your money.

If you are very sure about your team and the match, you can go for a bigger contest, or else; it might backfire. It would also help if you kept in mind that those who are playing cash contests with a huge entry fee are likely to know about the game well. Of course, nobody wants to waste cash for sure.

Follow different portals and Telegram Channels:

In case you are not aware of the teams, different portals provide fantasy tips. You can join different Telegram channels and analyze the teams they provide before joining the contest. Even a simple Google search can help you with the same. Also, don’t just go with a single channel and their opinion because they might not be right always.

Know the venue and conditions:

Before joining the contest, make sure of the conditions, the venues, the timing, and the country. If the pitch offers support to the bowlers more or vice versa, it’s wise to go with more bowlers or vice versa. Also, make sure to know whether the pitch is spin or pace-friendly.

For example, in New Zealand, where there will be shorter boundaries, it is wise to go with more batsmen because even a mishit can fly over the ropes. Here, you must go with more pacers because spinners usually end up giving away more runs.



Toss is also an important factor that you should check before joining the contest. Based on the toss decision made, you can pick or drop the players accordingly. For example, some players might have an excellent record while batting first, but they might fail while chasing. Also, conditions like the dew factor, lights will be playing a major role. It is good to pick more batsmen from the team batting first because of the lack of pressure compared to the team that will be chasing.

Pick the match-winners first:

Even though these players might not be consistent, they can still win us matches, say, two out of three times. Players like Kieron Pollard can win matches single-handedly. On his day, he can go berserk and can take the game away with ease. Thus, they are an essential pick in any team.

Importance of star players:

Stars players like Virat Kohli are a must because they rarely fail. Even though they had a poor run in the previous match, they can turn things around with no pressure in the next match.

Know the stats and numbers:

Before selecting your team, make sure to check different apps like Cricbuzz, Cricinfo which provide numbers to know about the players’ form and their performances on a particular venue or against a particular opponent. Some players have an extraordinary record and vice versa against different opponents. Also, some bowlers are just too good against a particular batsman. It would help if you considered that as well.

Know your fantasy game opponent:

Before joining the contest, you can check whether your opponent is a master or not. While Dream 11 fantasy cricket sites don’t allow you to check on their team before the game, you can still check their profile, their level, and your winning chance against them. This will help you to have better knowledge when it comes to joining the contest.

It’s not about the balance but points:

At the end of the day, the ultimate aim is to fetch more points. While picking the team, you shouldn’t be worried about using the full credits or the team’s right balance. Your only aim is to go for a team that can help you grab more points. It is always wise to go with more number of all-rounders who will be batting or rolling their arms for a few overs.

Choosing the captain and vice-captain:

You might have got the whole team right, but your captain and vice-captain can change fate. You shouldn’t be experimenting a lot when it comes to this, and it is always better to go with well-known players who have high chances of performing.

Luck factor:

Luck plays a major role, too, something you cannot control. You might have gone with the best possible side, but at times, a particular cricketer might be having a better day. Since you cannot control that, you can go with your gut feeling and hope that your team’s players perform that day.


You can try all the possible things we have stated, and who knows, you might end up winning. If you couldn’t win the contest, you must keep trying. You must look into the strategy and the winning team of your opponent. There might be something you have missed out on. It is always good to learn from mistakes. Hope you love reading “Tips to Win Dream 11 Contest”

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