Top 6 Secrets to Building a Great Marriage 

Marriage is not a problem

It is said that marriage is one of the greatest bonds in human relationships. What do you think?

These days, married couples face lots of problems in their marriage relationship. They said that they could no longer tolerate it. Some of them also said that this is one of the most bitter experiences in their life.

No, not at all!  Marriage is not like that.

Basically, it depends on the couple. From my experience, each and every relationship has a meaning, and both of them have to take the responsibility to maintain and respect the relationship.

This is a kind of formula that is applicable to every relationship.

Coming to the marriage. In this note, I want to clarify one thing: don’t mix marriage with domestic partnership.

Let’s talk about domestic partnership vs marriage

There are some legal differences between domestic partnership vs marriage. For instance, married couples automatically get each other’s assets upon death, but this is not the case for domestic partners.

If you and your partner are in a marriage relationship, then do that very carefully but in a simple way.  Identify the meaning of your relationship, understand the importance of your partner and be a little bit romantic about your beloved.

It helps to make a Great Marriage relationship. What does it mean to you?

Marriage is the union of two souls. Yet, it differs from couple to couple. There is no clear definition. But there is a secret sauce of Great Marriage. I will discuss some of the important factors except the love factor.

Love is the most common factor in any relationship, but we have to focus on those factors that surround love.

Let’s get into it!

1. Respect

In today’s century it is being seen that there is no respect for the newly married couple. Seniors said that one of the reasons is independence.

No, this is absolutely a misconception.

Yes, both of you are independent individuals, but in a marriage, both of you are dependent on each other in a way. It’s true.

Respect is more important than love. If you have no respect for your beloved, that can be the cause of minimizing your love. So, it can be said that without respect, it is quite difficult to stay with each other. 

Do you agree with me?

There should be mutual respect in marriage. Having a different opinion, after all, your beloved has an individuality, it is quite natural to have a different opinion but understand what he or she wants to say to make a Great Marriage.

2. Trust

All Great Marriage need unbreakable and mutual trust between partners.  No, I don’t want to say that trust your partner blindly.

It takes time to build that kind of trust. Mutually you have to put in the effort from the start. Make yourself trustworthy to your beloved. Do such things that help to make yourself like that to your partner.

In terms of trust-building, I can say that it does not mean that you said I trust you and your partner believes in that. Not as simple as it!

You have to prove to your partner that you are loyal to this marriage. How do you do that? Your effort, your words, your behavior towards your partner, and your careness will automatically prove you.

3. Support

Having a supportive partner makes every marriage Great. Make yourself a supportive pillar to your loved one.

It helps to increase reliability. It is crucial that your partner believes you and supports you in any situation.

In this case, it needs a high level of understanding that comes from sharing the words. Listen, misunderstandings are common things that face every relationship. But you have to focus on solving it.

How do you solve that? Very simple – spending maximum time with each other and sharing your words with patience. For instance: make your daily day special by going out. You can go with your partners to Nudys cafe. This is absolutely a pleasant environment for a couple.

Patience is one of the important things to protect your marriage from breaking down.

4. Be a good listener

We need to talk.

Try to avoid this sentence! Don’t make any situation when you have to say these four words.

Is it clear to you? No, ohk. I mean to say that you should always talk to each other. Don’t wait to see who first starts talking. Just start!

He or she is your beloved. If you don’t like anything about your partner, then share that in a straightway. Don’t store your feelings, your words in your mind. It is very harmful to a relationship.

Besides, you should be a good listener. When your partner says something, listen to his or her words very patiently. It helps a lot to make a Great Marriage.

While you are being a good listener, do not forget about being a good communicator. Stop being a dry texter, just because you will be seeing them at the end of the day. Try to learn how to not be a dry texter, and learn interesting ways to spice up things over a text 

5. Acceptance

Lack of acceptance is one of the major problems in a marriage relationship.   Remember, when you marry a person, you accept the whole person, including the bad and good.

Accept your partner for who she or he was then and now. If we want to change our partner now, we can’t.

If your partner realizes by yourself, then embrace your partner with new changes. Do this to build a Great Marriage.

6. Take Responsibility

It is one of the secrets of the Great Marriage. Suppose you participate in a project and take responsibility for your success and failure.

It is a very bad habit when you succeed; it does not mean that the whole credit goes to you, and when you fail, that does not mean that the whole responsibility is to your partner.

Both of you take the whole responsibility without thinking about success or failure.

With Love

Great Marriage simply depends on partners. Your love, support, and responsibility make each other a good couple.

Don’t blame each other.

Understand the situation and solve those issues by helping each other.

Keep in mind these things and enjoy your married life ever after.


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