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Top Tips to Master While Planning your Beach Wedding

Are you having a beach wedding? Reading about compare wedding speeches is important because almost everyone need them. A time to enjoy sparkling waters, sunny skies, and a salty breeze blowing – while you tie the knot with your love. Even though these trendy weddings seem simple, it takes a lot of work in making arrangements. 

Googling “beach weddings in Northern Beaches” and selecting a location won’t be all. You need to consider the type of beach, weather, required permits, and other factors.

Read on to follow certain specific pointers while planning the perfect dream beach wedding with your fiance.

Select an Accessible Location

You might dream of getting married at a breathtaking sea beach where celebrities get hitched. However, if all your friends and relatives can’t visit the place conveniently, what’s the use? 

That’s why it’s crucial to pick a beach accessible for everyone. You need to make sure that it’s easy to reach there via a flight, train, or car. For this, you might need to check your guest list and see how long your guests take to reach your preferred location. 

Also, you need to ensure that the location is easy to find and guests won’t be lost while reaching your wedding.

Focus on the Weather

Weather plays a vital role in having a splendid beach wedding. That’s why it’s better not to plan your wedding during the rainy or dry season. It’s because your guests won’t be very comfortable attending it. 

If possible, you can organise your wedding during the spring season, which begins in September and continues until November. Usually, November (spring) and March (fall) are Australia’s well-loved beach wedding seasons

You can also arrange the event late in the afternoon or the evening. Know when the sunset is for a gorgeous backdrop for your vows ceremony.

Type of Beach: Public and Private

You can select a famous public beach for your wedding that will be affordable and easily accessible. Being a public spot, you have to tackle kids screaming, loud music playing or pets running through your wedding spot.

The other option is opting for a private beach. Some people have their private beach area where they host events. You can talk to them and find out if they’ll let you organise the wedding.

Private beaches might be costly, but you can avoid strangers barging into your wedding location.  

Don’t Forget the Permits 

Ask local city officials about the necessary permits you’ll need to get married on a beach. It’s vital as the rules may vary from one location to another. Some places require a permit, while others might not. 

You need to contact your local city council and understand the regulations. They might ask you to fill up a simple form to include the event’s details. 

It will save you from any troubles and complications on your big day! 

Install a Sound System 

With waves crashing by your side, your guests might not be able to hear anything during the ceremony. So, if you receive an excellent best man speech, it might go in vain. Now that’s just not right, huh? 

To combat loud waves, you can install a sound system. As most beaches don’t have a power outlet, you can carry a portable power supply. Arrange speakers and mics beforehand, so everyone can hear and speak on the special occasion.   

Summing Up 

Before finalising a destination by searching “beach weddings in Northern Beaches”, examine the location. Check out if there are proper parking spots, restrooms, food joints and medical centres nearby.

It will help you be prepared for any situation and attend to your guests. After all, you need to make the wedding hassle-free for you and your loved ones, right?

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