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Guide about Tyre Tread Pattern: An Essential Component of Tyres

The tyre tread pattern is essential for your tyre’s performance because it helps the tyres hold the surface firmly. Read the full Guide.


While you drive your car, you enjoy your ride and generally do not think about your car’s components that are working together to make your journey comfortable. Your 205 55 r16 Tyres are components and function vitally by making direct contact with the road surface. We are sure you are aware of the designs you see on your tires’ body, but you do not know much about the main reason for having these patterns. We want to tell you that these designs are there with a definite purpose.

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These designs and patterns are called tyre tread. The tyre tread pattern is essential for your tyre’s performance because it helps the tyres hold the surface firmly. Technically, we use two terms, grip and traction, for tires’ performance, and both entirely depend on properly designed tyre tread.

If you choose your tyres with the correct tread pattern, you make sure that you will steer your car comfortably, and you are going to drive your car with an amazing driving experience. The traction will be at the perfect level if you choose your tyres wisely.

Tyre tread is made up of different features, and every feature is important for the function of the tread pattern.

Let us have read more on the main tyre tread and their features:


Narrow voids on the tyre are sipes. These are designed to enhance the grip on wet roads and save the driver from aquaplaning.

Tread rib

This component of the tyre tread is also called a transverse void. You can observe a continuous strip of rubber encircling the tyre’s circumference.

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These depressed components are just like sipes but are deeper and longer in size. The depth and size of these grooves are important for acceleration, braking, and noise.

Tread voids

These components are essential to displace the water while you are driving your car in the rain.

Tread patterns

Any two types of tyres are different from each other due to the different tread patterns. For example, season-based winter tyres and summer tyres have different patterns and have distinct features.

Let us have a look at some common tread patterns.

Rib pattern

This pattern has parallel voids in making an S shape along the axis. This pattern provides good traction and lowers rolling resistance, and it is the best choice if you like to drive your car at high speeds.

However, this pattern is not always ideal for wet conditions, especially when you are accelerating or braking your car.

Lug shape

In this pattern, the grooves are arranged in a perpendicular order. This pattern is ideal if you are looking for excellent traction and grip on the roads.

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This pattern is not right for driving at high speeds because of excess noise and rolling resistance.

Rib-lug mixed shape

The name of this pattern suggests clearly that this design is a mixture of rib shape and lug shape.

This pattern provides excellent braking power along with directional control. This pattern is not ideal in situations in which specialized features are required.

Block shape

This pattern has independent blocks. These blocks are separated with the help of a series of grooves that are interconnected with each other.

This pattern is good for wet roads or roads covered with snow. In wet conditions, this pattern shows satisfactory water displacing ability.

Asymmetric shape

You can see the use of this pattern in commercial vehicle tyres. As the name of this pattern suggests, there are two patterns on the tyre’s outer edge and inner edge. The outer side has bigger blocks, and smaller blocks are made in the inner side.

This pattern provides great cornering strength to the tyre and reduces tread-wear’s speed on the outer edge of tyres.

Directional shape

This pattern makes an arrow shape with the arrangement where the grooves have the same angles on both sides of the tyres.

This pattern offers good traction along with braking and has amazing water dispersal ability on wet surfaces.

This pattern is ideal for high-speed driving. You are free to get cheap tyres fitted, or you may choose premium tyres, but you have to consider the tires’ features to make a good decision. We hope you will get better help with the help of this guide. 

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