Vestibular Disorder Treatment With Physiotherapy in West Edmonton

The people suffering from vestibular often face problems like dizziness and visual disturbance but this Disorder Treatment can help them.


The people suffering from vestibular diseases often face problems like dizziness, vertigo, and visual disturbance. Physiotherapy clinics in West Edmonton offer vestibular therapy treatment to alleviate the issues due to this condition.

Who Benefits From Vestibular Therapy Treatment?

Along with treating vestibular disorders, patients who had strokes or brain surgery can also enjoy this treatment’s benefits. The common symptoms that this therapy can help with include:

  • Dizziness
  • Neck stiffness
  • Imbalance while walking
  • Headaches
  • Vertigo

How Therapist Diagnose Vestibular Disorder?

At the time of the appointment, the expert physio will evaluate the symptoms and medical history. The assessment depends on the following parts:

  • Leg strength & Flexibility
  • Gait
  • Visual mobility and Balance
  • Neck mobility
  • Arm strength
  • Positional testing

Based on the results, the treatment is suggested to heal your problem. The right treatment will allow you to improve the ability to perform daily activities that, in turn, helps to improve the quality of life.


What to expect from this treatment in a physiotherapy clinic?

Usually, the vestibular treatment is for outpatients, but the treatment is initiated in the hospital in some cases. The patient is seen by a professional for a clinical assessment, which includes collecting medical history and observation of symptoms. 

The assessment also includes a series of tests to identify the problems of patients. A customized plan is then provided to the patients based on findings in the clinical trials. The most important part of these plans is to devise an exercise plan that the patient can perform at home. These home exercise plans are a great way to boost the healing process to achieve patient goals.

Along with the treatment plan, it is also essential to understand the actual cause behind the patient’s vestibular disorder. A therapist will explain the science behind the phenomenon that helps reduce the anxiety of patients to understand the reason for their problem.

What exercises are included in the treatment of vestibular disorder?

The problem-oriented approach is used in clinics of physiotherapy in West Edmonton to treat the patient’s problems. Customize exercise plans are made according to the condition of the patient.

Based on the condition of the vestibular problem, the following three basic principal methods of exercises are suggested:

  • Habituation
  • Gaze stabilization
  • Balance training


These exercises are for the patients that show dizziness symptoms because of visual stimuli and self-motion. For spontaneous dizziness, it is not helpful. Over time with good compliance, the patient’s intensity of dizziness will decrease as a result.


Gaze stabilization  

It is for patients with blurry vision. These exercises help in improving the control of eye movement for clear vision. Two types of exercise are recommended to promote gaze stability. The choice between the two depends on the extent of vestibular disorder. 

In the first type, the patient is asked to fix their eyes on an object for a few minutes while moving their head in different directions. The second type of exercise is designed to use vision and somatosensation in place of the vestibular system. This type is more suitable for patients with bilateral inner-ear damage.

Balance Training

The balance training exercises are helpful to create steadiness so can perform the daily activities easily. These exercises are moderately challenging but safe enough for the patients, so they don’t fall over.


Are you having trouble with blurry vision or dizziness? Then for West Edmonton residents, Regenerate Physio is offering physiotherapy treatments to assist you in getting rid of this issue.

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