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Vintage and Antique Collectibles: Valuing and Selling

Selling antiques is an ingenious way to earn extra bucks on the side. Depending on the age and rarity of the item, you could earn thousands or even millions of dollars. A case in point is this 18th-century Florentine ebony chest that was auctioned for a record-breaking $36.7 in London in 2004.

However, we’d be lying to say that all antiques can fetch that much. Many people sell their antiques for much less than the items’ worth.

Therefore, it’s essential to research and conduct your due diligence before listing your antique and vintage items for sale. A considerable part of that research entails getting the item appraised and finding a reputable e-commerce platform to list it.

Read on as we walk you through a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to appraise and sell your antique and vintage commodities.

1.  Getting Your Antique and Vintage Items Appraised

Appraisal services can go a long way in helping you find worth of antiques and vintage items. Fortunately, there are plenty of art and collectible appraisal services out there.

However, the real challenge usually lies in finding a reliable appraisal company.

First, it’s best to consider services dealing specifically in antiques and vintage appraisals.

Secondly, prioritize companies that enjoy plenty of favorable reviews from their past clients.

And most importantly, settle for an antique appraiser that offers an appraisal report at the end of the exercise.

It’s also essential to keep the following questions in mind even as you go looking for art and collectible appraisal services to assess the worth of your antique and vintage items;

A)   What’s The Nature of the Item?

Antiques come in all shapes and sizes. These items can range from vintage paintings to timepieces, heirloom jewelry, automobiles, lampstands, chandeliers, and furniture sets, to mention but a few.

These items won’t fetch the same price even if selling them on the flea market. For instance, automobiles and jewelry will fetch a lot higher than lampstands and timepieces.

Understanding the nature of your antiques and vintages can help you manage your expectations.

B)   What’s The Item’s Age?

You probably already know that older antiques and vintage items generally attract higher price tags than newer ones.

A bonus point would be items created during a significant era that may still be sentimentally attached to that period.

C)   Who Made The Item?

The fact that your painting was made during the heydays of Leonardo DaVinci doesn’t automatically make it valuable. A similar artwork created during the same period by DaVinci would definitely receive more attention. Hence, learning more about the original maker of your antique or vintage items is necessary.

In the same breath, it’s crucial to understand how the item has changed hands over the years. Antiques that were previously owned by members of aristocratic families or other historical figures will likely fetch more.

2. What Condition Is The Item In?

A 100-year-old antique or vintage item won’t be in the same crisp condition as when created. The product may have lost its shine through wear and tear.

Besides, the commodity might have acquired blemishes, affecting its final selling price.

3. Is It Rare?

Last but not least, is your antique truly rare?

You may have owned specific furniture for over 100 years, but tons of other people could have a similar furniture design.

So, whatever you’re seeking to sell should be scarce enough to generate a considerable buzz.

4. Listing Your Antique and Vintage for Sale

Congratulations on getting your antique and vintage items appraised! You can now proceed to sell the product by following the below procedure;

A)   Find a Credible Retailer

It may be tempting to trade your antiques at the local flea market. However, you’ll get better bargains selling the product online.

So, start by finding a credible platform to list your merchandise. Give more consideration to websites specializing in or have dedicated sections for antiques and vintage items.

The following are some important questions to settle before choosing a platform to list your antique and vintage;

  • How many people currently use the website?
  • What’s the platform’s average monthly traffic?
  • Is the company available worldwide?
  • How does the retailer handle shipping and returns?
  • Are the selling fees favorable?
  • How secure and reliable are the website’s payment options?
  • Do I need to sign up for an account to list on the platform?

B)   Create a Compelling Product Description

After finding a company that fits the above criteria, the next step is to list your antiques on the platform. Ordinarily, you’ll need a compelling product description.

The description should highlight the item’s unique features and how the potential buyer will benefit from those features. It should further specify any flaws the item may have.

You might also accompany the text-based description with a clear product photo and/or video.

C)   Set a Price

The last step in selling your antiques and vintage items is setting a price for the commodities and selecting a suitable payment getaway.

The price can vary depending on whether you seek to sell the item at an auction or retail outlet. But whichever the case may be, set a price within industry rates.


Have you considered disposing of an antique item that has been gathering dust in your basement?

With the above tips, we are confident you can now proceed to sell the product at a reasonable price.

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