Virtual Live Wedding Bands & Top Wedding Dress for your Wedding 

None of us have ever thought that everything in the world would stop for a moment, stop as in a complete lockdown! Schools closed, business shut, weddings postponed, sports canceled and what not. 

The biggest moment of concern for the couples who were about to get married is how on earth they will manage to have their dream wedding in times of uncertainty and pandemic. With limited guests, a small venue, less interaction how to match the wedding vibe? 

It might be concerning but not anymore. With Musical touch working beside you, you need to worry about anything. 

A Virtual Wedding can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be and your live streaming platform should be able to match the ambiance. Some platforms are referred to as “Full-Service Platforms,” as they provide a wide range of services such as planning, equipment, performances, and more. Of course, platforms like this cost you a bit. However, as with other wedding vendors, you get what you pay for. If you’re searching for something polished, trustworthy, and reliable, you might look for the services we provide virtually. 

Music has the power to make or break a wedding ceremony.  You can’t have a spectacular wedding ceremony without perfect wedding music that complements the tone and mood.  Wedding live bands are regarded as the main ingredient for every wedding as they create a memorable experience, and it’s hard to even think about a wedding ceremony without wedding live bands. So people hire live bands for a blasting evening that would leave the audience in awe for a long period of time. 

With Covid-19 increasing at an immense rate, the whole setup has changed, Live Wedding Bands are prohibited under current regulations, and so the vast majority of couples have resorted to hiring Virtual Wedding Live Bands to recreate the same amazing atmosphere for their Wedding. Musical Touch guarantees you make your wedding feel the same as it was before the pandemic.  Everything will be the same except musicians’ physical presence.  

Hiring Virtual Wedding Live Band Singapore for the perfect wedding experience has quickly become a popular option that most wedding couples have embraced as a new trend for successfully and securely entertaining wedding guests.  

Making plans for your wedding hasn’t been easy, especially if COVID-19 has impacted your event. But don’t worry, with our Virtual Wedding Live Band Singapore, we’ve made it simple for you to amuse your guests and create lasting memories for everyone.

Through our virtual wedding live band service, you won’t find any difference in creating a buzz in the atmosphere. We have skilled performers and musicians that can charge up the crowd by not even being physically present in the ceremony. Not only this, our performers love interacting with the crowd or audience, so being virtual is not a great deal for us, as we prefer more and more interactions with the guests to get them engaged throughout the event.  

Every table will be given a physical dedication slip. Our coordinator will be collecting and transmitting information to our musicians continuously.

We’ll read out all of your guests’ sweet messages and perform all of the music they’ve requested!

Moreover, as we all know there are uncertainties and changes of plans according to government orders, we are flexible in our approach. We will switch to a physical on-site performance if the restrictions are relaxed, even if it’s only one day before your wedding, we’ll do it for free because We’d also love to meet you in person. 

Moreover, our performance is completely free if you are dissatisfied with it for any reason, you can get your money back.  

We will make your interaction with us completely risk-free.

About Wedding Dress 

Weddings are enjoyable events to attend, but everything must be perfect, from the clothing to the décor. The bride is already under a great deal of pressure to make decisions, and finding the perfect dress at an affordable price can seem unattainable.

It’s needles to spend a four-figure (or even more) when you have to wear the wedding dress for just 2-3 hours, It just doesn’t seem worth it! Besides, you can focus on making your wedding fantasies come true by having that firework sendoff or a lavish dinner or dessert table for your guests to enjoy. 

Although most brides say yes to purchase their wedding gown, some opt to forego the lifetime commitment to a gown they’ll only wear once. After all, bridal gowns can be costly, and that money could be better spent on other areas of your dream wedding – or your future married life.

Renting a dress allows you to rent gowns that were previously out of your price range. You could be able to get a Wedding Dress from your favorite high-end designer that you’d never be able to afford otherwise because you’re only renting the outfit for a night or two. Renting a wedding dress is far less expensive than buying one and it can sometimes drop bridal gowns that cost four figures down to only three.

Moreover, brides aren’t the only ones who can hire their wedding dresses. Renting is also a cost-effective and handy option for grooms, wedding party members, and guests. Even if you’re certain your bridesmaids will want to wear their gowns again, offering them the option to rent or buy would undoubtedly be appreciated.

Here are the top most Rental gown Singapore stores, that can ease your budget for a blasting day ahead;

Alisha & Lace

Our designers at Alisha & Lace will handpick materials and colors to bring out the aspect of nobility, according to each individual’s taste and desire. Alisha & Lace, hailing from the Kingdom of Weddings, has the benefit of delivering nothing but the best wedding gowns that suit every lady on the most significant day of their lives, bringing out the best in them. Every gown at Alisha & Lace is handcrafted with passion and love. At Alisha & Lace, you’ll be loaded with multiple choices.

We will make every bride’s wedding one to remember. With a background in gown design, notably employing French lace, founder and designer Alisha began producing gowns with multi-dimensional texture and lining, as well as accessories to further polish the result of each exquisite hand-crafted gown. 

Bridal Affairs

We specialize in weddings and provide services that are necessary to make your day exceptional; it’s what we live for, making dreams come true! Every time we see our bride heading down the aisle to her fiancé, we get that ‘butterfly-in-the-stomach’ feeling. It always brings tears to our eyes. Our company’s goal is to help you, our wonderful bride, have a stress-free day with no worries.

Bridal Affairs caters to all of the couple’s desires and demands, whether it’s only the gown or a full flight of wedding services. Make-up, photography, videography, floral arrangements, and automobile hire are also available. You can choose from several different packages.

Bridal Affairs also provides wedding planning services for the greatest possible experience. Furthermore, they can personalize your wedding bands. That’s an entire wedding’s worth of counseling all at once, making them one of Singapore’s top wedding gown rentals!

Divine Couture

Our brides and grooms have a broad array of wedding gowns, evening dresses, cheongsams, and outfits to choose from, all of which are painstakingly designed in the studio. 

Founder Kim Tay has over 20 years of experience in the design and curation of our self-designed pieces, and the gowns have remained timeless and elegant over the years, fitting every customer flawlessly.

Nicolas Laville 

Nicolas has developed his vision, which is shown through his as well as producing his line, after being trained with a propensity and flair for mastering pattern-makings and being inspired by the development of designs by his design visionaries and luminaries. Nicolas has been crossing civilizations from Rouen to Paris, then Renaitre to Shanghai, and now his line in Singapore, all from his individual point of view. The teams’ journeys have resulted in a body of art that has gained international acclaim. Whether it’s a high-fashion bespoke wedding gown or an evening wedding gown, they have it all. They’re frequently compared to a top fashion icon in terms of quality and design.  

Vivian Gown

Vivian Gown has had a clear aim ever since: every bride deserves a unique and reasonable wedding gown. However, the experience should be memorable and hassle-free. 

Vivian Gown gives you that experience by getting to know you your choices and your wedding venue.

Vivian Gown has gained a spot for their wedding dress after being featured in the media by Colgate. Lace and cascading motifs are included throughout their collections. Give them a look if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind alternative with heart.

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