Ways to Extend the Life Span of Your Prescription Eyeglasses

No one wants to replace their prescription eyeglasses every other day. After all, it takes some time to find new eyeglasses and you may have to spend more.  That is why you should strive to prioritize proper care and maintenance of your eyeglasses if they are to serve you long enough. 

As easy as it sounds, not many people understand what goes into keeping their glasses looking their very best for years to come.  For this reason, they constantly have to repair or replace it. There is no need to panic since you can get over it without the hassle.  The catch is in knowing what to do to ensure you get good value for your money after buying prescription glasses.  

Remember, you may struggle to handle your day-to-day activities if your prescription eyeglasses break. Below are five simple tips to ensure you extend the life span of your eyeglasses without pushing yourself to the limits.  

  • Buy Quality Eyeglasses  

There’s no way you can buy the cheapest eyeglasses around for your prescription and still expect them to serve you for years to come. In most cases, low-price tags automatically translate to poor quality. Things are no different if you decide to buy cheap prescription glasses for your needs to save money.  

Even though they offer money-saving benefits, such glasses break easily. No matter how well you take care of them, they will barely last more than six months. Furthermore, poor-quality prescription glasses can worsen your vision condition.   

Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, be sure to factor in the quality when buying new glasses online. You want to get good value for your money, and this is possible if you buy the highest quality glasses on the market.  Combine this with proper care and maintenance, and the eyeglasses will last long enough.  

  • Proper Cleaning  

There is a good chance you wear your prescription eyeglasses daily.  If so, it makes sense that you clean them regularly to ensure they are in the best of shapes at all times. When you remove your eyeglasses, they collect dust, fingerprints, and other debris that affect the lenses’ clarity.  Without prioritizing regular cleaning, you may struggle to see.  

That is not to say you should clean your eyeglasses for the sheer sake. After all, the cleaning solution or type of fabric you use to wipe the lens can damage the lens.  Be sure to make it the norm to follow correct cleaning procedures to avoid doing more harm than good.  

Always use a lens-cleaning spray specifically designed for your prescription eyeglasses to avoid causing damage. You have to spray the solution onto a lint-free cloth before using it to clean both sides of your lenses. The good news is you will easily access the cleaning specifications after buying glasses online. 

  • Good Handling Habits  

The way you handle your eyeglasses says a lot about whether or not they will last long enough and even exceed your expectations. Employ wrong using habits, and you may have to start shopping around for a new pair sooner or later.  That only makes you spend way more than budgeted for in the first place. 

To extend the lifespan of your eyeglasses and get good value for your money, you need to prioritize good using habits. In a nutshell, always use both hands to hold the temple arms when wearing and taking off your glasses. A simple hack like this helps avoid deformation and bending of the eyeglasses arms.  

If you must place the eyeglasses on the desktop, always ensure the temple arms face down.  You can even decide to put them in a hard case when not in use. In short, you need to prioritize good handling habits for your prescription glasses to last longer. 

  • Proper Storage  

Are you the type of person who merely throws eyeglasses into your handbag when not using them? If so, it is high time you stop this habit as it only damages your eyeglasses and reduces their lifespan.  Remember, how you decide to store the eyeglasses speak volumes about the duration they will serve you.  

When you decide to buy glasses online, they will most likely come with a custom-fitted case. There is a reason for that, and it is merely keeping them safe at all times. Be sure to use the case to store your prescription eyeglasses when not wearing them.  This case is designed to protect the lenses and frames from any possible damage.  

  • Check Your Glasses Condition Regularly  

You can never know if your eyeglasses need repair or replacement unless you make it the norm to check their condition.  No matter how stressful it may seem, this action serves as the ideal way to ensure your glasses remain fully operational for long. While doing this, check if the screws are loose, the frame is deformed, or if the lenses have scratches. 

If the condition of your eyeglasses is wanting, it may be a clear indication to visit an online store like Vooglam and order new ones.  Remember, you don’t have to wait until the glasses are beyond usage before buying new ones. That only leaves you at a greater risk of making your next eyeglasses purchase decision in haste. 

The Bottom Line  

Your prescription glasses are an investment in your health and wellness. For this reason, you need to ensure they are in the best condition at all times. You don’t have to go overboard since you can employ the above and other tips to expand your glasses’ lifespan without going through a lot.  

Even though you may boast the highest quality Vooglam glasses, it doesn’t mean you should neglect proper care and maintenance.  For the eyeglasses to serve you efficiently, you must be more than willing to give them the care and attention they desire.  That is what you need to get good value for your money after buying a new pair.  

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