What Are Your Options After An Accident With A USPS Mail Truck In Las Vegas?

If A USPS mailman has hit your vehicle with their truck, you have the right to file a claim against them. The process may seem complex. You may ask whether you should file against the driver, the company, or someone else. All of these concerns are valid. The rules are a bit different when you decide to sue the federal government. 

Nevertheless, if you work with a good Las Vegas truck accident lawyer and play your cards right, you can get the compensation you deserve. You can develop economic and non-economic damages, but not punitive ones. If you are nervous about getting started with the claim, get expert help today. 

What happens after an accident with the USPS mail truck?

If it was the USPS driver’s fault, you are allowed to register a government tort claim and also a lawsuit afterward against the defendant. You can face some complexities if you file a lawsuit against the USPS instead of the driver. If the driver of USPS is at fault and it’s proven, the government will be responsible for the damages incurred.

The state laws handle most personal injury lawsuits. However, the federal tort claim addresses the federal government. In order to make the claim, you need to fill out a Standard Form 95 claim form. Make sure to fill in all the details in the form correctly. The government scrutinizes your responses in the form, so make sure you do everything correctly.

It is essential to know that you need to submit the form within two years of the incident. Make sure to fill in all the information you have and be prepared to answer any questions the officers may have.

Steps to file a claim with a USPS mail truck 

If you want to file a claim, you need to have the below-mentioned information:

  • Basis of Claim: You need to mention the basis of your claim, including the circumstances of the accident.
  • Property damage details: Write down all the information about the damaged property caused by the accident.
  • Injury details: Describe all the injuries incurred as a result of the collision.
  • Witness contact information: If anyone witnessed the accident, provide their contact information.
  • Insurance information: Mention information about your car insurance policy coverage and recent claims, if any.
  • Demand for damages: Along with the claim, mention the settlement demand for the damages.

After completing the USPS form as per the guidelines, you can submit the claim at any local post office. After getting the receipt of your claim, they have a period of six months to respond to your demand. After accepting your claim, they will pay the total amount for the requested damages.

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