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What Causes a Bump on Your Gums?

The bumps that appear on your gums may be the consequence of unimportant factors, or they may be a symptom of a condition that is more serious. Over-the-counter (OTC) medications may be used at home in order to treat certain types of pimples. Drainage, debridement, or even surgery might be necessary for some.
It is essential to discuss any bumps on your gums with a medical professional, such as a dentist or doctor, in order to rule out the possibility of more serious problems.

In this post, we will discuss seven of the most common factors that lead to bumps on the gums. In addition, the symptoms, therapies, and prognosis will be discussed.


Periodontal abscesses are common and uncomfortable. Pus builds up in the mouth’s soft tissues, which leads to the development of these sores. These abscesses could have been brought on by periodontal disease or trauma brought on by foreign things.


pain that is abrupt, throbbing, and unrelenting.

a crimson coloration of the gums

“pain that can be relieved by biting or chewing”

pus discharge

a smelly breath

a radiating discomfort that can be felt in the jaw, ear, and neck

fever and tiredness

enlargement of the lymph nodes located under your jaw

Medications and future expectations

Your dentist may choose to treat periodontal abscesses by any of the following methods:


“mechanical debridement,” also known as the removal of tissue that has been damaged

rinsing of the mouth

“treatment with antibiotics”

Because periodontal abscesses have the potential to cause severe damage to your soft tissues and bone, receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible is absolutely necessary in order to improve your prognosis. Tooth extraction is a necessary aspect of treatment for abscesses in a significant number of patients.

Cyst of the oral mucosa

Oral mucous cysts, commonly referred to as mucoceles, are fluid-filled sacs that, in most cases, do not provide any health risks. It may be the result of an infection, a tear in the soft tissues, or poor dental hygiene habits that injure the salivary ducts. All of these factors have the potential to bring about this condition.


The following are some of the possible characteristics of oral mucous cysts:





or a bluish pearl colour

Medications and future expectations

It is possible that your doctor will recommend surgical excision of the cyst in the event that they think that therapy is required.

The prognosis is good for those who have been diagnosed with oral cysts. In most cases, therapy is not necessary to eliminate mucoceles. However, if your symptoms continue, you should seek medical or dental attention as soon as possible.

Canker sore

Even though they are excruciatingly painful, canker sores are not contagious. They can appear anywhere in the mouth, including the gums, lips, tongue, or even the inside of the cheeks. Canker sores can be caused by a number of different things, including stress, infections, changes in hormone levels, or even a nutritional deficiency. The exact reason why they appear is not always evident.


Canker sores are typically described as being white or yellow in colour. They might have a red border, and in addition, you might feel like you’re on fire or like your skin is tingling.

Medications and future expectations

There is currently no medication that may permanently cure canker sores or prevent them from reappearing once they have healed. You can reduce the amount of discomfort you feel by:

using numbing gels that are available without a prescription (OTC).

consuming less food that is spicy

utilising a rinse for the mouth

Canker sores tend to heal on their own most of the time. If you have canker sores on a regular basis, you should consult a medical professional about getting allergy testing and addressing any possible vitamin deficiencies.

Pyogenic granuloma

Pyogenic granulomas are examples of growths that are considered to be noncancerous or benign. It is not known what the precise cause of pyogenic granulomas is. On the other hand, researchers think that traumatic experiences, infections, hormonal shifts, or even drugs could be responsible for the lesions.


Pyogenic granulomas usually begin as tender, red pimples on the gums of the affected person. They are capable of developing into a reddish-brown or purple colour quite quickly. Although there is typically only one, some persons can develop numerous growths at the same time.

Due to the large concentration of blood vessels at the site, these granulomas have a significant risk of experiencing excessive bleeding.

How to treat it and the prognosis

Your physician may recommend surgical excision of the pyogenic granulomas in your body because of their propensity to return.

Oral fibroma

The majority of benign mouth growths are referred to as oral fibromas. They are clumps of connective tissue that develop in reaction to either a traumatic event or persistent irritation. A fibroma can be caused by the persistent rubbing of elements such as orthodontic braces or dentures that do not fit properly.


Oral fibromas can take the form of:

“tough or yielding”

“either pink or white”

“projecting above or beyond the surface”



How to treat it and the prognosis

If you feel you have a fibroma, visit a doctor or dentist. Your doctor may decide to remove the fibroma based on the size of the growth as well as the location of the growth. It is conceivable that you will need to make some adjustments to your dentures or your braces in order to prevent any more irritation.

The treatment is risk-free and, for the most part, straightforward. Additionally, the healing process is relatively quick, enabling you to return to your regular practise of oral hygiene rather quickly.

Mandibular torus

A mandibular torus is a benign bone growth that often protrudes from the lower mouth, on the inner side of the jawbone. This growth can also be found on the jawbone itself. Many individuals end up with two growths that are mirror images of one another on either side of the mouth. These growths could be caused by genetic predisposition, habits such as teeth grinding, or vitamin deficiencies.


The mandibular tori develop very slowly, are quite tough, and are smooth. Inflammation of the gums, pain in the jaw, or loose teeth are possible side effects for certain persons.

How to treat it and the prognosis

In most cases, therapy is not necessary for mandibular torsion. However, if you have further symptoms like as discomfort or inflammation, your doctor can decide to remove it surgically.

Oral cancer

Oral cancer is diagnosed in around 53,000 persons annually in the United States, as reported by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR). Infection with the human papillomavirus, usage of tobacco products, and use of alcohol are all common contributors to oral cancer. Your gums, tongue, soft palate, or the area at the back of your throat can all become infected with this form of cancer.


White or red patches on the gums are two of the symptoms that might be caused by oral cancer. You also run the risk of experiencing:

a wound on or inside the mouth that does not recover from infection

“pain in the mouth that does not go away”

a painful scratchy throat

a sensation similar to that of having something lodged in one’s throat

chewing and swallowing are both tough for the patient.



dentures that have started to not fit properly

a gradual untightening of the teeth

voice changes

ear ache

How to treat it and the prognosis

Oral cancer patients may have varying treatment options, and their prognoses may be affected by both the stage of their disease and the location of their tumour. The following are some of the possible treatments:





It depends on the cause of the bumps on your gums as to whether or not you should be concerned about them. Canker sores are one of the causes that may just require over-the-counter treatments. For others, medical intervention such as draining or surgical removal may be required. Oral cancer can be treated in a variety of ways, including by surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy.

If you have a bump or bumps on your gums, you should consult with a medical professional or a dentist. They will be able to assist you in determining the reason as well as the most effective course of therapy.

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