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What does Funeral Services Singapore offer to Christian Funeral Service?

Singapore holds a significant place on the world’s map, not for its demography rather because of diverse cultural, ethnic, and lingual groups residing together. Singapore is regarded as the melting pot of various religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, and Chinese folk religions. 

Although the vast majority of Singapore’s population follow Buddhism Christianity is becoming more popular day by day and is growing at a faster pace.

Christians believe in the afterlife and devote most of their lives to gaining eternal peace in Heaven. They believe Jesus was God’s son who came to earth to teach through his conduct and teachings.

When a loved one dies, Christians believe that the funeral service should be focused on their loved one finding eternal peace in Heaven. The funeral service is also intended to provide comfort and strength to those who are grieving.

Funerals in the Christian faith are frequently sad and dignified occasions. They provide a space to honor the deceased’s life while also allowing family and friends to support one another during one of life’s most difficult times. In Singapore, the majority of funeral services follow a predictable sequence – one that we are all too familiar with. Planning a Christian funeral is simple when you work with Singapore funeral services, Singapore’s chosen Christian funeral planner.

Just like Buddhism, there is diversity among Christian schools of thought that might differ in rituals but revolves around the same core belief of Jesus and that their funeral rites are the same with slight variations. 

Heaven, hell, and purgatory are three concepts central to the Christian faith. The righteous will go to heaven to be with the Lord, while sinners will go to hell. Christians believe that those who commit forgivable sins throughout their lives must spend time in purgatory before entering heaven. 

About Christian Funerals

Close family members may gather to spend the final moments of a loved one’s life when time and circumstances permit. In some denominations, it is customary to invite the pastor of the church to come and give prayers and consolation during this sad period, with rites performed on occasion.

The church’s pastor should be contacted as soon as a death occurs. In many denominations, the pastor is seen as a trustworthy figure that can assist with a variety of details and judgments. In addition, the pastor will start arranging the funeral service and coordinating the different persons and services that will be engaged.

If there was a known intent for organ donation, notification to the necessary authorities should be made as soon as possible after the death occurs. Often, the funeral director or the priest can handle distributing the information to the appropriate people. In most Protestant denominations, organ donation is acceptable.

Christian funeral ceremonies have two goals: to honor, respect, and even celebrate the deceased’s faithful life, and to bring comfort, support, and assurance to the grieving.

Funeral Services Singapore is the most trusted funeral service provider that accompanies you at the most affordable and reasonable rates. 

Ang Brothers are led by a group of Christian funeral directors with over three decades of expertise in the industry. Our mission is to give the people of Singapore high-quality, meaningful Christian funeral services delivered with integrity and sincerity. We take pride in continually improving ourselves to provide the service quality that is tailored to our client’s circumstances and demands.

When you’re grieving, the concept of time is meaningless. Finding the motivation to keep living the way we used to may seem like a tremendous endeavor amidst the pain and disorientation. Planning a Christian burial service during such a difficult time may be almost painful.

Our goal at Ang Brothers Funeral Services is to assist you in bridging that gap. We’ll take care of all the details for the Christian funeral service so you don’t have to. You can focus on healing and grieving for your recently deceased loved one while still holding a respectable and meaningful goodbye ceremony for them. We’re here to assist you.

Preparation of the body: Like all major religions of the world, Christian’s funeral rites start with preparing the body.  The deceased person’s body is washed before being buried. Before entering the Kingdom of Heaven, it is considered that one must be clean. The body is then dressed in the best of its attires after cleansing. Because Christians allow embalming, the body may be embalmed before the funeral. The body is placed in a coffin and displayed on a catafalque, which is a covered stand. The hands are crossed on top of the chest, as they would have been when receiving Communion. A prayer book or rosary may be put in his or her hands if desired.

At the Wake: Before the funeral service, friends and family gather. They share memories, recite prayers, and sing hymns — it’s often considered a life celebration. This service is frequently held at the house of the bereaved family, a Christian church, or even a funeral home. During the wake, flowers and photographs of the deceased may be displayed in the funeral home.

The casket is on display and can be opened or closed depending on the circumstances of their death and the wishes of the family. The body is displayed to assist mourners to accept the truth of their loved one’s death. A prayer service is traditionally held during the wake in several Christian groups. During the service, scriptures and prayers with a reassuring tone are read. A eulogy may also be offered at this time. 

On the day of funeral service, Pall-bearers will transport the coffin to the room/burial site once friends and family have gathered at the location. A priest or minister will pour holy water over the coffin or casket and read a bible verse.

Throughout the service, prayers and songs are recited and performed. At the relevant periods, guests are frequently urged to read or sing along.

A speech or sermon will be given by the priest or minister. It will remind those attending the burial of the Christian viewpoint on death, namely, that those who have died in faith will live forever with God. Jesus defeated death for all Christians by his resurrection.

Family and friends will leave the church and proceed to the graveyard when the service has ended. The cemetery may be close to the church, or the hearse may be required to convey the casket to another place. Funeral services Singapore in this regard will provide all the services including transportation of the body from the funeral home to church and cemetery. 

At the Burial:  A brief service at the graveside is also part of Christian burials. As the body is lowered into the grave, the priest or minister offers prayers. Final farewells are said by friends and family members. This could entail placing flowers on the coffin. A tiny amount of dirt can also be placed on top of the casket.

Reception after Burial: It is customary for the family to offer a reception following the burial service for those who attended. There will be food and drink available. This is a chance for the immediate family to receive emotional assistance during this difficult time.

What to expect at Christian funerals

Although no one expects you to bring anything at a funeral, flowers or a note for the bereaved family might be a thoughtful gesture. In rare cases, instead of flowers, the family may request a charitable donation in memory of the deceased.

People will express their sympathies in a variety of ways, depending on their relationship with the deceased and his or her family. Sympathy cards or condolence notes are always an appropriate approach to provide comfort to the family. To show respect, flowers or other memorial gifts are frequently delivered to the funeral home or family home. For individuals with a closer link to the family, gifts such as food baskets or donations to preferred charities or organizations are ideal.

Although there is no fixed attire for Christian funerals, it is proper etiquette to dress in dark colors and formal attire. It’s also polite to dress modestly and not too revealingly, i.e. knees and shoulders should be covered. Mourners are not required to cover their heads.

Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore is a well-known funeral service provider with decades of experience. We take pride in providing low-cost funeral services in Singapore, as well as packages to meet the general requirements of a funeral service in times of need. We also try to provide you with the best value for your money for the funeral wake as a pricing and service-oriented firm.

From preparation of the body to burial and cremation, funeral services Singapore assures you to provide quality services at your doorstep keeping in mind all the sensitivities of the particular community. 

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