What is the best way to obtain Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds?

Ark of the CovenantMokoko Seeds are a collectible item, and you’ve probably already come across some of these small green pears and are stumped as to what to do with them. Here’s what you should do with them. Another possibility is that you’ve located Totoma in Mokoko Village, but you lack the required number of seeds in order to collect his reward.

How to track down the legendary Ark of the CovenantMokoko Seeds are a type of plant that grows in Africa

Gathering lost ark gold for sale Mokoko Seeds, in any case, is a time-consuming task that requires patience. Here’s everything you need to know about this collectible to get started, including a map of the Mokoko Seed locations in the Lost Ark’s starting area to assist you.

Despite their name, Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds are more akin to fruit in appearance. To be more specific, large green pears. Unfortunately, they’re extremely difficult to spot in the first place. While traveling, keep your eyes peeled for any signs of the Seed because you won’t receive a notification unless you’re right next to it. When the Seeds are collected, they emit a green glow that can be seen by others.

Picking them up is simple: simply stand next to the Seed while pressing and holding the interaction button (default key is ‘G.’) will do the trick. With 1209 Mokoko Seeds available in Lost Ark, you’ll have to repeat the process quite frequently. The number of Mokoko Seeds you’ve collected so far can be found in your ‘Adventure’ tab (located in the lower right corner of your screen), by selecting ‘collectibles’ from the drop-down menu. When you move your cursor over the map, you can see your progress by region.

At long last, you may have noticed the small pears that appear on the map. This icon will appear on your screen every time you pick up a Mokoko Seed. It is not there to assist you in finding a new Seed, but rather to inform you of the Seeds you have already discovered. In order to figure out which ones you’re missing, compare your own map to the Rethramis and Yudia Seed location map provided below:

Where can I trade for the Buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold? Mokoko Seeds are a type of plant that grows in Africa

For Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds in exchange for special items, speak with the NPC Totoma in Mokoko Village, which is located in the southwestern region of Tortoyk. This is the small island located just northeast of Rethramis (as depicted in the photograph). By the time you arrive on this island, you will most likely have accumulated enough Seeds to qualify for the first reward.

In order to obtain the highest possible reward, as shown in the rewards list below, you only need 1000 Seeds to complete the task. Finding every Seed on the Rethramis and Yudia location map will provide you with enough seeds to complete the Totoma Card quest.

Mokoko Seeds from the Lost Ark provide 50 Mokoko

  • Totoma Card 100 Mokoko Seeds Kindness Potion 150 Mokoko Seeds Totoma Card 100 Mokoko SeedsApplication Form for the Stronghold Crew – Chicachica 200 Mokoko – Seeds:Potion for Increasing Vitality (250 Mokoko) – SeedsSeeds: Cororico 300 Mokoko Crew Application Form (Cororico 300 Mokoko)Stat Increase Potion 350 Mokoko (Seeds)Mokamoka Card 400 Mokoko seeds are used
  • The following seeds are available: Paradise’s Knight License 450 MokokoPlanting seeds: Eurus Blueprint x15, 500 MokokoStrengthening the Stronghold Crew Application Form – Mukomuko 550 Mokoko – SeedsPollen from the Shy Wind Flower x3 Mokoko 600 seedsseeds: 20 Eurus Blueprint x 20 x 650 Mokoko seedsPlanting Seeds: Poipoi 700 Mokoko Crew Application FormSeeds: Mokoko Hunter 750 Mokoko Hunter 750 MokokoSeeds: Mokoko Seed Monument (800 Mokoko) is a structure dedicated to seeds
  • Egg of Creation 850 Mokoko Seeds: Transform 850 Mokoko

Kind Paruru 900 Mokoko Seeds: Stronghold Crew Application Form 950 Mokoko Seeds: Masterpiece #32 1000 Mokoko Seeds: Ship skin – Blooming Eurus 900 Mokoko Seeds: Wallpaper – Mokoko Village 1000 Mokoko Seeds: Masterpiece #32

Every lost ark gold has a story to tell.  Mokoko Seed’s locations in Rethramis and Yudia are as follows:

The majority of these Mokoko Seeds are easy to locate once you’re in the vicinity of the red dots on your map. They’re typically located near a path. While not difficult to find on the surface, there are two hidden areas that are more difficult to locate: one is located in Prideholme’s northwestern corner, and the other is located west of Rethramis Border.

The ones in Prideholme can be found by entering the cathedral and passing through the wall to the left of priest Varut (the green dot on the Abyssal Dungeon Oreha Preveza Guide). It is necessary to travel to the southwest corner of the graveyard and climb the ladder in order to locate the Mokoko Seeds in Rethramis Border. Each of the first two Seeds can be found in the area’s northernmost portion, and the third Seed can be found just a little further south on its left-hand side.

Every Lost Ark has a story to tell. The Mokoko Seed can be found in the dungeons of Rethramis and Yudia.

Yes, they can be found in both the dungeons and the underworld. Here’s a list of every Mokoko Seed location in the five dungeons accessible through Rethramis or Yudia, as well as their descriptions. Finding these will result in an additional 38 Mokoko Seeds being added to your total. Keep an eye out for the hidden passages (the green dots).

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