What Is the Fastest Way to Get a Divorce in Saskatchewan?

Getting a divorce requires many legal works. These legal tasks can be done by you. Or, you can take help from a local lawyer.

Getting a divorce in Saskatchewan is simple anyway. Still, you need to know about the fastest way to get over with a divorce.

So, should you perform the legal steps yourself, or should you hire a divorce mediator?

You should just contact a lawyer. Filling for a divorce is relatively faster in this method. Note that involving a lawyer and completing all the paperwork will still require a good amount of time.

Now, you have learned about the quickest approach. But, there are a few important factors you must know to file a divorce in Saskatchewan.

Check the details below.

Contested Vs. Uncontested divorce: What’s the difference?

Basically, there are 2 types of divorces. As written on the heading of this section, one is- contested divorce, and another is an uncontested divorce. Let me tell you about those a little.

In an uncontested divorce, you and your partner agree on all the critical terms. Such as child custody, property division, and debt division.

What about the contested divorce? You might already have guessed what it means. Yeah, a bunch of troubles.

I mean, in a contested divorce, your opponent AKA your partner, will not get along with the critical terms. As a result, both parties take time to negotiate and finally get done with the divorce.

As it seems, a contested divorce calls for more time in the process of a divorce. On the contrary, an uncontested divorce is completely hassle-free.

I already mentioned that it’s easy to get a divorce in Saskatchewan. Considering the two facts, you might not need all the documents for divorce in an uncontested divorce.

To determine what sort of divorce process you are going through with, the court will assess all the circumstances and qualify the divorce as uncontested.

What to do when it’s a contested divorce?

In this circumstance, you and your spouse need to fill out and sign necessary divorce papers. For that, it would be best if you sought a local divorce lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer

You can ask around or look up an expert lawyer to handle your divorce. Once again, if you want to finish the process for the divorce faster, do contact a divorce lawyer.

Once you seek out a divorce lawyer, you will need to give away details of the prevailing circumstance. Also, you will be asked to discuss the requirements and conditions to prepare the divorce papers.

Next, the lawyer will provide feedback to set the requirements and conditions correctly. Because people sometimes miss out on important aspects. Moreover, you could include a requirement or condition that better be excluded.

Feeling stressed about the process? No worries. When you have a divorce lawyer, the overall process for divorce will certainly be easier and faster.

Determining the root cause: 3 causes

You can split up with your partner under any of these three circumstances: infidelity, abusive acts, and 1 year or over 1 year of separation.

To file a divorce in Saskatchewan, you must specify to the court the main cause to commence the actual process to file a divorce.

Divorce papers and forms

The sort of divorce form and documents you are to collect depends on the circumstances of your marriage.

For instance, you and your spouse have a minor child. In that case, you will need to perform Child support works before you get on with the divorce process.

Where will the papers and forms be found?

It’s a little tricky to answer because you might have to collect some papers in person and some forms online.

You can search out some services online that deal with divorce. They might be able to give you all the papers online.

Otherwise, you would have to collect some of the papers and submit those physically.

Steps for filing a divorce

The process needs to be done step by step. That necessitates you to be aware of a few other pieces of information. Check the following details.

Joint divorce form vs. individual divorce form

You can submit a divorce application jointly or separately. If it’s a joint application, you won’t have to complete some tasks.

Those tasks would need to be completed while two spouses intend to submit different forms. Regarding that, you must collect the divorce form from your partner. Only then- your application will be accepted in court. 

Completing the divorce form and making copies

Once you are done collecting the divorce form, you should keep 2 copies of the form for future reference. That means you keep one copy for yourself and submit another copy to the court. 

Submitting the papers and paying the fee

To submit the papers, you can select the place to submit closer to where you live. And you will have to pay a fee to file the divorce papers.

Final remarks

After submitting the application, the prospective individual receiving the papers will assist you with details for the next steps.

Before that, the individual will review your application to decide on the next instruction. Then, you would know when to come again and some other details.

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