What Kind Of Game Is New World?

We all know: at present, MoBa and big escape games are the mainstream in the game market, and MMORPG games are not as popular as before! Today, in the field of MMORPG, there are still old games such as World of Warcraft and final fantasy 14, and few new games satisfy players. The new work “New World” developed by Amazon Games has naturally attracted the attention of the majority of players. New World gold is the game currency where you can purchase items and weapons.

When other works of Amazon game studio failed one after another, “New World” seems to have survived. Although it has been postponed many times, it has been determined that it will be officially launched on September 28! At the beginning of August, Dr. Wang wrote an article “the closed beta is really popular, but I found that there are some risks in the New World game itself”. After analyzing this product, I think there are some risks in the camp confrontation setting, hardcore combat system, and operation mode of the game. Interested partners can go and have a look.

The above analysis is carried out from a macro perspective. From the actual experience of players, is New World fun? I believe everyone is more interested. In addition, the game is a buyout system, and some players are also hesitant about whether they should go into the pit. 

What kind of game is New World?

As mentioned above, New World is an MMORPG game. Its basic framework and playing method are basically the same as other MMORPGs, but it has its own characteristics. Players are adventuring in aeternum mainland with the most important thing: NW gold​. At level 10 (early in the game), they need to choose one of the three camps (marauders, syndicate, and Covenant) to join, and then compete with the players of the other two camps. That’s right! The core feature of New World is the fierce PVP playing method.

The New World’s combat system is unlocked in real-time mode. The weapons used by players have independent levels and talents, and the weapon level can be improved through combat; The character upgrade will improve the ability attributes (strength, sensitivity, intelligence, concentration, and physique), and the character’s ability attributes will affect the ability bonus of weapons. Like many games, the higher the level and the better the weapons, the stronger the character’s combat effectiveness! It is worth noting that: New World The operation in is relatively hardcore. The player’s powerful operation can even make up for the gap brought by some levels or equipment.

In addition to the combat system, New World also provides life skills such as collection, production, and so on. However, due to the limited test time, the player did not see any novelty.

No matter how much the game is introduced, we still have to complete one task after another and slowly develop roles. One of the player’s biggest feelings in the New World game is “I’m constantly moving”! I took the task at NPC No. 1. I was dusty and rushed to the task site. I either collected some items or killed some monsters. Then I took the trouble to hand in the task to NPC No. 2. The distance between No. 1 and No. 2 is very far. We need to walk for a long time! What makes people helpless is that the tasks in the game are basically the same, and there is no fun.

Of course, there is a fast-moving design in the game, but in the early stage of the game, the relevant consumption is unacceptable to players, so they can only choose to walk with their feet. However, this is not the key. The main reason why people feel boring is that the design of the task is boring and the plot is not attractive! This makes the doctor think of the task design in many web games and mobile games. No one cares about the plot and is clicking “next step”. However, it is embarrassing that there is no automation in the New World. You have to run and find things by yourself, and there are many bugs, large and small! No wonder the product has been delayed again and again!

We don’t want to add any automatic functions to New World but hope that the development team can do better in task design and plot presentation. Although New World focuses on PVP, it is a basic threshold to upgrade the level to full if you want to experience the fun of PVP. Therefore, under the current situation, the game process before the level is full is still very painful.

“New World” has done well in some places and deserves praise. For example, the combat system has a great sense of attack and pleasure, and the game art performance and picture are also very good. As mentioned earlier, the game is very friendly to hard-core PVP players, which will make krypton gold players unable to find a sense of existence! For players, thinks this must be good news. Whether game developers can make money is not our concern.

Because the time for each test of New World is limited, and we have not experienced the content of the later stage of the game, I am also very curious and looking forward to the so-called siege. However, there is a lot of room for optimization of the content before and during the game. I hope the public beta of the game can go smoothly!

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