What Should You Prioritize While Choosing Kitchen Countertops?

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A kitchen countertop is one of the most important pieces in any kitchen remodeling project for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Keeping both décor and function in mind, let’s find out what should take priority while choosing one.


Durability should always be the priority when choosing kitchen countertops. If a beautiful kitchen countertop begins to chip away, develop ugly scratches, or fades within a year or two, then that’s a bad investment. Not only will you need to spend more time and money on maintenance and repairs to make the countertop last longer, but it will also ruin your kitchen décor if you don’t.

This is why quartz is the recommended material of choice for kitchen countertops. Quartz is denser and stronger than even granite. Quartz countertops will not fade, chip, scratch, dissolve, or crack for a very long time. They require almost no maintenance, even under heavy, regular usage, and on top of everything, quartz countertops are manufactured to be nonporous by design. Search for quartz near me, to find suppliers like World Stone Group. Then you can check out the vast range of color and pattern options to suit every décor possible.


People usually do not decorate their kitchens based on how the countertop looks, so make sure the material/seller has something to offer in terms of options that will complement your kitchen as it should. The point to note here is that you don’t need to look for countertops that come in the widest range of options, although that can certainly be very helpful. What you should be looking for instead are designs that would suit the rest of your kitchen’s décor.


When we think about quality, we immediately consider the material(s) used to manufacture the countertop. However, that’s not the right approach at all. It’s undeniable that some materials like natural stone or engineered stone are superior to others by default, but that does not mean every granite or quartz countertop available is of equal quality.

For example, granite is an amazing natural stone for manufacturing countertops, but depending on where the granite was mined from, there can be a significant difference between them in permeability and visual appeal. Always make sure that if you are investing in something premium, the quality is also up to the standard.


Cost is a very practical concern, but here’s where people often end up making a mistake. A quartz or granite (with due maintenance) kitchen countertop will practically last for decades, if not centuries! Therefore, investing more in a kitchen countertop that does not just look and feel premium, but also lasts a lifetime makes more sense than investing in anything that simply looks the part.

On the flip side, if you don’t have plans to occupy the house/apartment for too long, then the expense may not be worth it. the same can be said if you don’t mind changing the kitchen countertop every few years during a new remodel. As for homeowners, a higher cost is probably going to be well worth it if the kitchen top comes with the assurance of longevity.

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