Whatsapp Business: the new ally of digital marketing

The presence of social networks signals to search engines that both the brand and the page to which those networks link have interaction and, therefore, are synonymous with an interesting product for the public. They are called “social signs”. Both the number of likes and customer reviews on social networks are often extracted to the Google results page, or, in the case of apps, the ratings determine the order of appearance of a company in Google or Apple. Store.


WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp for business is the new version of the application that has been created for companies to connect and communicate with their customers and vice versa, including different functionalities from those of the original application. This is one of the most important and very successful internet marketing strategies for SMB’s.

With this launch of the new version of the APP, available in Spain since last January, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg intend to establish a direct communication channel in which consumers and companies can exchange their messages.

This opens up a new and powerful two-way communication channel that companies can use as a “weapon” through which to launch their digital marketing actions and through which they will also be able to obtain very valuable information from consumers, related to feedback on the experience with your products or services.


Its use is very simple. All you have to do is download the App from Google Play and when you open it, verify it using a phone number (for now the app does not allow you to use the same phone number for both Apps at the same time: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, so we can only use one of them with a given number).
Once verified, the company will be able to complete its profile and access the available functionalities, currently limited, although with great potential.

Available features include tagging for easy management and a settings section that includes, but is not limited to:

  • A statistics panel on the conversations held (although currently quite basic).
  • The possibility of configuring welcome messages (when starting a conversation for the first time) or absence.
  • Quick answers, prior programming of keyboard shortcuts for sending basic messages or those that are made frequently.


Currently, Facebook has incorporated new features into its advertising platform that allow advertising to be connected to the company’s WhatsApp Business profile if the user or potential customer requests it.

This is a new functionality of Facebook Ads that allows you to insert the “Click to chat” button in the ads and after pressing it, start the conversation directly via WhatsApp.

In addition to this, companies will now be able to send automated messages to their customers and attend to their requests in real-time.

We will continue to make use of the App and observe the changes to keep you up to date with all the news that arises about WhatsApp Business!

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