When Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

We understand that it is already overwhelming for you to face a life-threatening car accident. But after recovering from the initial shock, you must take proper steps to get sufficient compensation from the party at fault and the insurance company.

Now, the question arises- when should you hire a car accident lawyers Brisbane after a car accident? The answer is- as early as possible. Although the Court is not expecting you to present your claims with the injuries, it is better to inform an experienced personal injury lawyer who can represent you and gather all the necessary pieces of evidence for the case. 

Let us guide you in the way that will lead you to your deserved compensation without any complications. 

When to Call a Lawyer?

Experts in this field recommend that you hire a lawyer after a car accident when you have taken immediate medical attention and are ready to provide information. It would be a wise decision to call 911 right after the accident so that you can have an official police report of the incident. 

Your safety comes first, but you have to respond to the situation as your medical bills rise quickly as you need compensation to recover. The sooner you call for a personal injury lawyer, the better for your case because your lawyer needs to gather evidence and witness statements to make your claims rock solid. 

It is important because the more you delay for a long time, you may end up with less than the fair compensation.  

Is Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Worth It?

Yes, it is. Having a personal injury lawyer will protect your legal rights as a citizen and will help you reduce the stress to fight a complicated case. In an accident where multiple parties are involved, or you are the one who is at fault, claiming for the damage can be a complex situation. 

Nevertheless, in the complicated terms in the legal business, for example, no-fault insurance or settlement negotiation, you have no other choice but to seek the assistance of a lawyer who is an expert in this field. However, make sure you clarify the terms with him initially since most lawyers will take a certain percentage when winning a case. 

And also, for the following factors, you need help from a professionally skilled lawyer. 

Calculating Your Claim Worth

To help you calculate the money you want to claim, you need a lawyer. The insurance company or the other party will offer you the minimum amount of money saying your injury was minor. So, you need the help of a lawyer to fix an amount according to the injuries you have faced. 

There are two simple clauses in Canada by which you can calculate your claim. They are:

Pecuniary Damages:

With the help of your lawyer, you will present a list of the expenses you have had to pay since the injury. The Court will verify the receipts and calculate the numbers. Pecuniary damages include:

  • Medical expenses for injuries
  • Potentially lost wages for injuries 
  • Repairing cost for your damaged car
  • Repairing cost for property damage

Non-Pecuniary Damages:

In simple words, the damages that are impossible to compensate with a certain amount of money. Most of the time, the fault party tends to avoid these claims. Yet, you may get a decent amount of compensation if the Court in your state or province allows. 

Even though it is difficult to determine the scale for these losses, the jury tries their best to provide the victim with a sufficient compensation. Non-Pecuniary Damages include:

  • Mental Support
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Mental distress (PTSD/ psychiatric disorder)
  • Losing your job for a lifelong injury

Help Issuing the Notices:

You need to legally notify your insurance company and the at-fault party within a timeframe mentioned in the laws of your state. And your lawyer will take all the responsibilities to contact the parties. 

You will have seven to thirty days to notify your insurance company and two years to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the accidents. It is better to consult your lawyer before sending the notices to avoid any gap in getting accident benefits. 


The personal injury lawyers are committed to helping you go through stressful legal issues so that you can concentrate on getting proper treatment. You should help your lawyer by providing him with all the necessary information like license plate numbers, snaps taken of the damaged cars, or medical bills. Hiding any factor can ultimately lead the case against you. 

All you need to do is hire a skilled lawyer from a well-known firm and leave the case to them to deal with the complicated issues. Remember not to settle for less in any condition if you are not at fault and be confident of winning your entitled compensation.  

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